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Jan 6, 2014

EVENT: Yadah Spring Festival @ TheButterflyProject

Yesterday is my very first time to join The Butterfly Project Event, and also the first event I attend in 2014!
Is Yadah Spring Festival Party at Little Wonton, TTDI ! Woah, the event is awesome and so much fun! I met a lot of Beauty Blogger, and you guys are so friendly! :D

I am so in love with here Decoration and bit like Vintage feel, awww
It would be so enjoyable and relax here


Delicious snacksss is prepared to serve us

Yadah Bubble Deep Cleanser

 Yadah Lovely Lip Gloss 
A shimmering, super moisturizing lip gloss creates a radiant and plumping finish without non-sticky. 

 Yadah Natural Hair Shampoo, Body Lotion and Body Wash 
Yadah Natural Shampoo formulated with 100% Surfactant, gently wash away impurities 

 Yadah Angel BB Cream SPF 25/PA++
 A lightweight sun protection BB cream reduces fine lines and wrinkle visibly 
 Yadah Cleansing Nose Pack and Brightening Mask Pack 
Cleansing Nose Pack; Effectively removes black head and excess sebum and astringes pores. 
Brightening Mask Pack: A Highly concentrated essence cares bright and clear skin intensively

 Moisturising Cactus Mist & HandCream
Naturally moisturising cactus mist for added hydration at anytime, anywhere. 
Permeates easily into epidermis and works for 24 hours.

 Yadah Anti-Trouble Series 
Its formulated for Troubled skin, controls excess sebum and calms the troubled skin

 Bubble Deep Cleanser, Yadah Vitamin Toner and Vitamin Emulsion 
Bubble Deep Cleanser: Effectively remove impurities and make up, used for dry and normal skin
Vitamin Toner: Brightening Toner with organic Orange water and lemon water
Vitamin Emulsion: Brightening Emulsion with organic orange water and lemon water

 Yadah Lip Tint Balm
Combines tint and lip balm in one, make lips natural-looking color

  Yadah Brightening Ampoule and Collagen Ampoule
Brightening Ampoule: Contains Niacinamid to keep the skin tone clear and bright
Collagen Ampoule: The collagen ingredient infiltrates rapidly and deeply into the skin for elasticity 

 The Goodies Bag 

 YADAH's Best Seller 

 Product hand-on; Yadah Brightening Ampoule

 Bloom, Highlash Mascara and Sweet Milky Tint 

Product Test & Compare 
We unanimously ruled the "B" is the YADAH latest OH MY SUN BLOCK
because the texture is so moisture and easy to blend plus non-sticky and also smell good :D

 Yadah Bubble Deep Cleansing Test for removing make up

 left: Liquid Liner
right: Gel eyeliner

the final result 

the lantern for write down what our 2014 Beauty Resolutions!
 And ofcourse my handwriting was so fugly and i decide not to post up on my blog :p 

Melody and Yours Truly 
Melody is such a cute, friendly and bit of shyness girl? Hahaha btw nice to meet you! :D

 The group photo 
Melody, Silviana, Yours Truly, Keryi & Kerchi

Keyi & Keryi!
I thought she was same name with me at the first, cuz mine mandarin name also called "keyi可以". 
but she mandarin name is called "Ker Yu" But she's friends are called she as "keyi" thou :D

Another Friendly Girl here! Looks who, is Silviana
Nice to meet you, hope to meet you again in future event!

 Products I got from Goodies Bag:
Pure Green Toner & Emulsion 
Bubble Deep Cleansing 
Oh My Sun Block & Mini 
Lip Tint Balm
Highlash Mascara 
Brightening Ampule x2 
Sweet Milky Tint 

Thanks Yadah & The Butterfly Project for giving me such a chance to join this awesome event,
 and also get a chance met lot of beauty blogger in this event! Can't wait to join other Yadah's event in future :)

If you would like to purchase Yadah products, it is available at all Sasa outlets and it is also available online through
Hishop.my, Hermo.my, Zalora.com.my and mivva.com.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/YadahMalaysia

Little Wonton, TTDI (above Speedmart 99)
20-1, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur.

Operation hours:
Mon-Fri: 12:00pm - 10:00pm
Sat-Sun: 11:00am - 10:00pm
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Littlewontonbar

 The Butterfly Project


  1. how I wish I can be dere too, seems like a great event! =)

    Heaven Knows

    1. Hi,

      It really a great event, you should join it next time! :)

  2. Didnt get to talk to you as we were sitting at diff table T_T sorryyyyyy

    1. Hi Babe, It okay la! At least i got say bye-bye when you going back haha!

  3. OMG why I didnt see you there! i must've been too busy focusing on my food =_='' hope next time I can meet and greet you in person okay? the event was fun!

    1. aw, i didn't see you too :( hahaha the food is too yums, yes let meet up in future event! <3 Yeah. enjoyable :D

  4. HELLO. nice meeting you too . HEHE :D
    Hope to meet you soon !

    1. Hehehe, the cutie :p next time must take more selca haha <3

  5. hey babe! saw ur blog on beauty blogger fb group. i've followed u! mind following me too? :) www.yandrasap.blogspot.com

  6. I photographed a fundraising conference here recently. What a wonderful place for photos. I almost always hate being anywhere at 6am, but this breakfast event proved an exception.
    best new year eve party nyc


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