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Mar 4, 2013


1) I'm a smoker since I was age 13 until now, but i dont Drug even i went to clubbing.. and my parents all knew it.. I wish someday i'll rid of this bad habits
 I Know is super bad habits and it doesn't health for our body. i know. 
2) I Love to Bite My Nails (ugh so disgust) 

Since age 9 i think, i remember that time i was studying in class and i saw one of my classmate was biting her nails, and i follow her -.- So now.. i bite my nails always :( 
I WISH TO CHANGE THIS HABITS TOO.. But is so hard for me!!!! 
ARGH Be honestly, i really so envy those girl 
who are having long long nails with nail art :( 

3) I'm a super super LAZINESS girl in the world

I lazy to clean up my room , folded bed sheets when i awake, lazy to wash dishes after i ate, lazy to wash my clothes,  and my mom NAGGING me always,
 sometime i wish to kill her (just joke, why so serious?)
still got many of Lazy habit i don't want write la, cuz i feel SHAME -.-

4) I laugh easily,  and i easily laugh like a mad too -.- 

All my friends sure know how i fall in loved with Park Yoo Chun, and i wish flight to Korea just wanna meet him, crazy fans!!!! And my phone wallpaper, lockscreen wallpaper, computer wallpaper included my mobile phone strap also is Yoochun! OHHH SUPERDUPER CRAZY!! One more crazy things i do: 
I've Order 100's of YooChun photo on Taobao and i gonna stick all the photos around my room!!!
 Such a crazy fans i know, but i just too love him :( 
6) I easily to Self-abased

When i heard my friend talk about me, i'll get self-abased easily.... and i will keep thinking where i did wrong

7) I'm a very seriously emotional girl

I easily to get emo no matter where I, even when i hangouts.. i'll suddenly be quiet and don't talk to anyone, i just want to be alone, and ofcourse is my self-problem I not angry at my friends or family.. Every time i emo, my friends/family must think that i angry them.. zzz actually not and i just don't like to explain to them just let them wronged me, and ofcourse i went to visit Psychiatrist before also.. 

8) I Do Not Fashion

My outfits all is not about Fashion, like example now popular about Studs right? Studs Cap, Shoes, Clothes even Legging also got Studs be ornament! And i won't spent my money to bought all of stuff about Studs.. I just like to be casual, 
a Tee-shirt and hot pants is always my style, or Mango Basic Tee with pants.. I just casual, i really such a Suckers in Fashion..  :o 

9) I am a homebodies (宅女)

I can stay home 3 months not going out any where..
Drama > Eat > Online > Sleep 
I just seldom goes out kk? I'm not freak :/ 

10) I have a variety of personality changes

I can be hyper active this moment, but i can be super quite people in next second or emo 

11) I don't know Korean singers group.. even i know what song is that 

Honestly, i don't know KPOP.. I know Bigbang & my love yoochun only -.- 
 Last year i only can recognize which is 
GD, TOP, Taeyang. Daesung & SeungRi in Bigbang
Like SNSD i know this group but i can't recognize member inside the group.
  is ALL same face la dude :( 
I really admire to those KPOP FEVER FANS!! 
Can recognized all of korean singers group members name, age, and details of them! 

12) I do really care about my Parents & Friends 

I can't live without my parents & friends, i can't imagine my life if without my parents and friends!! must be so lifeless :( 

13) No one is understand Me 

Everyone's say i'm a freak, cuz i like to shopping alone, eat alone and movie alone! But who know the Real me actually? No one else.. I don't really like to be Alone, i am a hyper active person, i like to made my friends laugh & i love to prank myself to made them laugh, and i felt good when they  happy because of me

14) I hate people Betray Me 

I'd really hate people Betray me, especially bestfriend.. I'll remember the lesson and remember the matter in my whole life.. Betrayed by best friend i thought, is really an horrible things in my life ever.. you couldn't imagine what is happening.. When almost 20-30's people around you and gonna punch you included boy too.. this matter is happened when i age 14. i give my best friend betrayed and i give almost 10 people bully, they punch me, pull my hair.. they so enjoyed to bully me and i can't do anything else cuz no one willing to help me even they know i'm give wronged & IS NOT MY FAULT!!! I really felt sad when i know my bestfriend betrayed me and  She let 10 of people hit me included she.. i felt sad...
its a very fear shadow in my heart, in my mind until now..
 I don't mind to share my story to all of you, cuz i need you all know what is in my life, 
is all True story in my life.. BUT WHO ELSE NO THE REBELLIOUS PERIOD WHEN THEY YOUNG? Include Me too :)

 This lesson teach me i should
be more CAREFUL in meeting new friends in social life
you don't know which is bad people or good people in your life.. 

15) I'm a Anti-Social girl

I don't like to talk with Strangers, even if the strangers is my friend of friends,
 but i just dont like to talk with them.. i hate.. 
when i hang outs with them i will keep playing my phone even they talk to me i just will ignore it.. 
if want me to talk with Strangers, i rather to stay home :/

So here's is the Facts about me, hope you guys enjoyed this post! :D 


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