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Mar 28, 2013

New Month New Life New Work! (Short update)

Hi guys! I'm back, have been a long time didn't update my blog??? (actually not) So just want to share about my recently life during my offday! Yeah is today! My OFF DAY like finally!! Everyday is a tiring day since i start working on Monday 25-03-2013 after i take my spm results, btw don't ask what my results okay? Is the most worst results in my entire life, worse than my UPSR exam results! :(
Pictures do talks everything:
went to Genting with family, bringing my Kanasai heheh
mama say i insane and 幼稚 :(

Chilling alone at Starubucks! New Fav drinks: Hot Caramel Chocolate 

Work at Doraemon Fair! Too bad, i'm not Doraemon fans actually lol~ 
sorry for who's is fans of Doraemon ... -.-

My looks while working! HEHEHE 村姑婆~ 
And also I start working on 25th March! At Fahrenheit 88 selling any Korean accessories, bag, jewelry etc at Ellui Accessories  (click to view facebook page for more beauty stuff)

mama gonna flight to Aus on June! She ask me join her too, so i can study & work there its mean like 半工半读
and i decided go with her! I will go to Aus on June! 
It's kinda sad now, but anyway is good for my future and also...... 

i actually want a Foreigner Boyfie
my friends all knew how i crazy when i saw handsome foreigner guys at shopping mall awww!
  dont you think they are handsome?!?!?! 
Blue eyes, Blonde hair.... omg is just too allure!!! 
Mom also suggest me to find a foreigner bf, or she want a hybrid grandson with blonde hair? hahaha -.- 

 So, is really a damn short update hope you guys won't mind HAHAHA!
Will update sooner! Wait me okayyy?!?!? :p 

Xoxxx <3 

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