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Mar 12, 2016

Hello, Chappie!

Dear all, please say Hello to my pet - Chappie! Yes, I owned a pet!!!!!! Finally!!!! And if you have my Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat! You sure know already! Let me introduce you my pet, Chappie, currently 4 months old, boy, shihpoo (shih tzu mix poodle)!

Why I decided to owned a pet? 
Well, if you know me well you will know I actually love animals especially dog! I once owned a pet, Bobo Silky Terrier when I was 9 years old, but he were missing when my sister brought him to my cousin house, and my sister couldn't find him, probably Bobo has taken by someone else? I HAVE NO IDEA, I was 12 years old I remember I was so heartbreak that time, crying everyday missing him so much! Till then, I was quite afraid to owned a pet anymore since I can't accept the fact I gonna lost him one day or he went missing or any other unfortunate happens. Since I was very little, my dad was such a good daddy I mean literally. He even borrow a snake from his friend just to teach us we should take care any animal even is cold blooded or other animal like cat, dog even bird. Thanks to my beloved father, I am not afraid of SNAKES but cockroach lol. Back to the topic, why I decided to buy chappie? Frankly, this few years I was so obsessed with Corgi. Corgi is so freaking cute!!!! OMG, and the main reason why I so "crazy" about Corgi, is my ex look like Corgi lol, they are short and cute, LOL. But actually I like every dog, even 菜狗.

Where I bought Chappie? 
Hmmm, this is quite a sensitive question, I know I should adopt instead of buying a pet, but I really got a feeling that I MUST BUY THIS DOG when I saw Chappie photo's at a facebook private group. YES, I bought Chappie. But am not going to tell you what the actual price is. Since he is homebreed and mixed. So is quite cheap compare with market price, I mean really cheap. Normally if pure poodle or shih tzu it will be RM600-RM1000 or above depends on their breed. Yes, so I bought my dog at facebook. Hmmm

Why I named him as Chappie? 
Because I watched the movie, Chappie, and I told myself at future if I owned any pet I must named him/her as Chappie! But few of my friends was suggest me to named him Baymax or Cottoncandy, since he is very furry tiny and so adorable when I just brought him home and snap a photo uploaded to my wechat moment asking what name I should named him! hehe :) But ends up, I decided to named him as Chappie.

Here's some photos of Chappie's when I just brought him home. 
 the first photo of chappie on my photo album! when he inside a box! hehe 

When I brought him home, he just two months old! YES STILL A BABY! But sibeh cute lah! You see you see, sibeh cute right omg omg omg omg! 


Samurai Chappie! Yes yes, I know he grow so much bigger than before. But trust me, just because the fur makes him look like so fat, but trust me okay is just the fur! AHHAHAHA 

 He like to bites, like slippers, boxes, papers, my cosmetics, my contact lens, my USB! Basically, EVERYTHING he saw he will bite! He already bites my camera USB and is spoiled, congratulation. Secondly, he ate few pairs of my contact lens. Hmmm, Thirdly, recently he bite my RingLight Wire now I don't have ringlight to use to shoot video thank you chappie for spoiling everything in my room ^^(WTF). I not that kind of master who will strictly to treat my pet, but when I found out he was biting my contact lens, cosmetic or any thing in my room, I will use hanger ask him to stop. But you know, he not even scare me ==. Like he is my master and I'm his dog. LOL, but there's one lucky thing he scare my mom lol, basically my mom shout at him he will get scared and run away quickly hahaha! 

Besides that, he is super active like i just mentioned, I never saw a dog active like him lol. I only saw him sleep when I just brought him home that few days, and till now I rarely saw he sleeping lol. Maybe he sleep while I working? Hmm. 

I glad that I owned you as my dog, Chappie. Even though you are a spoiler but you're such a sweetful and cute in my heart! You will wait me home no matter how late, when you hear my voice you start barking and shaking you tail to welcome me home and want me to hug you tightly! Thank you came into my life to give me happiness, I learnt so much things because of you! Because of you, I kinda know how to save money just to buy you clothes or toy. LOL  

Till then, see ya all next time! 
And if you guys want to see more photos about Chappie, you can follow my Instagram or Snapchat (koeyleow)! 

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