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Mar 13, 2016

Hanangell Skin Booster

Bonjour, today I going to review a product that goods and suitable for everyone!! Yes, you didn't hear me wrong, exciting? Hehe, it's Hanangell Skin Booster which is Korea's latest advanced beauty technology! Yet, a syringe of skin booster is equivalent to 10 sheets of facial masks! Wow, amazing right? If you read my skincare review blog post I think you already knew that I am dry skin type! So, does this product really hydrated my skin? Well, let's continue reading :)

The main components of skin booster are made up from hyaluronic acid and collagen. The small molecular compounds in the skin booster have quick penetration into the skin and supplementation of collagen and moisture in human body itself! It is greatly for hydrating, smoothing, moisture whitening, and classifies to cosmeceutical grade skin care product. 

Skin booster is natural with no hormones, non-irritating, lead-free and mercury-free. It is safe with no side effects for allergy skins, and it suitable for pregnant women! 
As a result, it is appropriate for all skin types. The main components for small monecular compounds of hyaluronic acid and collagen which are able to penetrate into skin rapidly, intensely hydrate, and skin lighten. Skin booster is applicable to pregnant women, also for skin allergies, and acne skin as well! 

There's are 11 effectiveness of skin booster are as following: 
Anti-oxidant, improves skin tone, reduces melanin, hydrating, fades acne scars, refines pores, anti-wrinkles, firms skin, soothes allergy, repairs basal cells and deep cleansing 
It is also able to complete in one go and applicable for all skin types, and allows your skin to be fair, elastic, smooth, tender and transparent! 
Moisture - small molecular compounds is effective in deep hydration 
Brightness - complexion enhancement 
Tenderness - tender skins 
Whiteness - inhibit production of melanin 
Fineness - refine skin pores 
Firm - firm skin 

Remember to twist the to to unseal the syringe before use! 

The texture of Hanangell is very silky, but refreshing and easily absorb into the skin without any stickiness! I even brought to Cameron Highland during my vacation! My skin felt hydrating instantly! I even noticed that it even solve my fine lines problem due to my skin is too dry and it will cracked when I apply powder under my eyes! But after I applied Hanangell before I do my makeup, I really noticed that my fine lines doesn't cracked anymore!! Even I used a lot of powder to set my makeup! Phewww! It really hydrated my dry skin, I do not need to apply any other skin care product after I used Hanangell! It's moisturizing yet lightweight! I use it every morning, evening and before I put on makeup, sometime I even added into my foundation as well to created a dewy skin looking! 

Apply each morning and evening after cleansing face, then apply an appropriate amount on your face and neck areas, and massage gently until it absorbs into your skins. Hanangell is also applicable as a body lotion, you may apply it on your body after shower! 

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Price: RM80/pack (2 syringe per pack) 

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