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Apr 18, 2015

Tsubaki Shining Range - Shine from Every Angle

I random blog about Hair Product, but today I am going to blog about the Tsubaki Shining Series (Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Mask). Tsubaki is a premium hair care brand centers on making hair beautiful and shiny. Tsubaki, name after Camellia Flower. Japanese Camellia oil has been responsible for the classic, legendary beauty of Japanese hair for centuries in Japan. Camellia Flower is moisturize and makes hairs look shiny, in Japan Camellia Oil is very normal, I found out Japanese girl they will use Camellia Oil to protect their hair and body. In addition, Camellia Oil are best for dry and frizzy hair, it can smooth and shining our hairs while moisturizing! Not to mention, it can also repair our rough hair cuticle to keep our hairs look healthy!

 The Functional Value

Internal Shinines- Melanin Reparative Ingredients Arginine
External Shininess- Camellia Oil With Shine sensor mechanism

Main Ingredients:- 

Arginine - It repair hair melanin hole, UV Light or heat causes loss of melanin in hair fibre causing holes that leads to loss of shine & luster. Tsubaki creates Arginine that repairs these melanin holes whilst restoring the inner structure of the hair fibre that allows light to be reflected in every angle for beautiful shine & luster. 

Camellia Leaf Essence - Envelop hair for shine. 

Tsubaki Shining Shampoo
To create greater volume, deep moisture and lustrous shine.
Hair Type: For Normal to Dull hair
Scent: Glamorous scent with a blend of flowers and fruits.
Size: 550ml
Price: RM38.90

Tsubaki Shining Conditioner
For silky manageable hair with a satiny smooth texture
Hair Type: For Normal to Dull hair
Scent: Glamorous scent with a blend of flowers and fruits.
Size: 550ml
Price: RM38.90

Tsubaki Shining Hair Mask
Provides continuous moisturizing treatment to keep hair lustrous & shiny all day long

Size: 180g
Price: RM44.90

So, here is the Before and After I using Tsubaki Shining Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Mask for first application. Well, the result is obviously easily to compare. From Dry and Frizzy end to Smooth and Shine! I feel so surprising cuz I never used a Hair Product like Tsubaki before which can let my hair became so smooth, shiny and less tangle instantly! Even my sister and my mom asking what's the hair product I using right now, cuz the result was pretty good and the scent of Tsubaki Shining Range is so sweet! Honestly, I never tried any of Tsubaki Product before, this is my first time ever to try out their product and I fall in love with it! It make my hair texture became real smooth less tangle, and most importantly shine effect! Not to mention, I will keep using Tsubaki Shining Range, to keep my hair much more healthier and not external shininess but also the internal one :)

For more information please visit,
Tsubaki Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/tsubaki.my?fref=nf 

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  1. Thank you for the review.. I'm still looking for a best hair product for myself.. Never try Tsubaki Shining Range. Look awesome. I'm thinking of buying one for myself too. Did they sell this at Tesco.. Thank you.. :D


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