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Aug 22, 2014

Petitfee Gold EGF Eye & Spot Patch Review

Bello my beloved readers, how you doing? Today I am going to review a eye mask, so be attention Panda Eye Folks! This might be yours saviour! I received this from @Sapphire218 for reviewing about a week ago, and today I gonna share my opinion to y'all.

There is little English product description on the packing:
“Offer your parched skin an intensively hydrating infusion of moisture plus vital nutrients and experience the dramatic firming and cooling results you thought only a professional spa treatment could deliver”

 Each tub contains 60 pieces Eye Patches and 30 sheets of Spot Patches
The patches are supple and bouncy, feel very moist, but is not soaking wet with essence. 
 It comes with a little spatula to help you in picking up the jelly like hydrogel patches. Also, since it is in sheet form, it's kinda slippery and hard to separate by using fingers. The eye patches are crescent in shape while the spot patches are round in shape. 

Wash your face cleanly, take out eye patch or spot patch by using the spatula included.
 Put the patch on your face. Take it off after 20-30 minutes and tap your face slightly.

 I have tried it a few times now, and every time, I get this burning/tingling sensation around my eyes, I can't even apply more than 10 mins. Thankfully, there's no skin reaction!! So i used the eye patch every 3 days instead of daily, cuz I can't bear the stings or burning feeling that on my eye. That happens on me, but I do let my brother to tried the eye patch, and I asked him did he feel any burning or stings sensation? He said NO, okay probably this won't happen to anyone, maybe is I have sensitive skin? so make sure tested on hand before apply on eye or face.
And the eye patch design is not fit with my eye shape, it's kinda hard to fit so i must keep adjust it and the eye patch almost covering part of my eyes near the nose

Here is the Before & After, I know the effect might not be visible, since my dark circle still there, but is really hydrated my eye area! This is very surprised me, You know eyes area is very dry plus I always stay up so late watching Korean variety show or Korean drama every night, it does made my eyes bag more serious and dark circle like panda, Noooo. So far so good, I've tried this product few times ago, every time got stings & burning sensation but that doesn't matter, I know one day it will be fine & I love this product that gave me hydrated and bouncy  feeling! I just love to apply before i go to bed, and the next day my eye bag just gone :)

The product comes in a tub which is very sturdy and I really love the design! It's gold and white coloured, is look so classy! It provide a super cute mini spatula which is very useful! The cooling effect is calm down a bit of stings sensation, and it very hydrated! But, It stings during the application. Maybe I have sensitive skin, but so far everything is fine, this doesn't affect me, i will still continue using it :D 

Price: RM49





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