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Aug 9, 2014

Beauty Blender Sponge Review

Hi girls, me again lol I know I been updated frequently in this few weeks, I hope you guys won't get bored! Today I will be review a beauty tools that I received from Supermodel's Secret. YES, I love Supermodel's Secret, today I will be introduce a magical 3D Beauty Blending Sponge, did you girls heard before? I know you must heard it before right, because this product is highly recommended by Top Makeup Guru in UK, even Youtubers. What Is 3D Beauty Blending Sponge? 

a makeup Sponge that give you a flawless foundation makeup application 

3D Beauty Blending sponge
  •  Flawless foundation/bb cream/make up application
  • Saves your make up usage
  • Durable & high quality
  • Recommended by top Make up gurus
  • A fraction of the cost!
  • Goodbye open pores
*closer look 

I got Teardrop Design and also Gourd Design

Can be applied wet or dry for a dramatically different looking skin.
 The bottom of the puff can be used on the cheek and forehead. 
The top of the puff is suitable for the wing of nose and eyelid. 

     3D Beauty Blending sponge is a very versatile make up tool you'll ever use
·         Washable, re-useable, recyclable. Can be used with all types of makeup. Use damp or dry. 
We prefer damp. Very versatile applicator.
·         If you have problem skin this 3D beauty blending works to cover blemishes/open pores.
·         The patting and twisting action  smoothes out  out the make up's edges, leaving a perfect finish. 

 I apply Mary Kay CC Cream on my hand, but I will use fingertips to blend it and the other I will use 3D Beauty Blending Sponge from Supermodel's Secret
With Fingertips to applicator, you can see from my hand the fine lines on my hands is become more visible if I use fingertips to blend my foundation. So can you imagine what If you use for finger to apply foundation on your face? Plus our hands has lot of bacterial, if you use for fingertips to apply foundation, imagine that your face is full of bacterial and germ.

with 3D Beauty Blending Sponge, you can see the difference uh! 

3D Beauty Blending Sponge gives flawless foundation application every single time. Put makeup on like a pro, evenly distributes makeup so no areas with too much or too little coverage.

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Normal Price RM 19.90
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Valid until 31 December 2014. 

Instagram : @supermodelssecret

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  1. the difference is obvious, the blending sponge win! hehe


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