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Aug 10, 2014

I Live for SELFIE ft. Samsung NX Mini

SELFIE, SELFIE, SELFIE, SELFIE! The most popular hashtag in INSTAGRAM #selfie or #wefie, nowadays everyone is kena selfie virus, go where also want to take photo even swimming, go to school, dating or eating, shitting blah blah blah. But, do you like the photo quality that took from your phone? Duh, I don't like! Today I will be share my currently most used camera for my instagram pictures, Yes. SAMSUNG NX MINI, you can see my previous blog post about Samsung NX MINI at below links.
I always think a good camera is really important to take a nice selfie, Samsung NX Mini is the best choice, WHY? 

about Samsung NX Mini camera:

  • 20.5 megapixels BSI CMOS Sensor
  • Ultraslim design - 22.5mm thin and 158g
  •  3-inch Flip Up (180-degree) and Touch Screen
  • ISO 100-25600
  • Advanced Wi-Fi and NFC integration
  • 5 colours available: White, pink, mint green, brown, black

Samsung NX Mini has Flip Up (180-degree) and Touch Screen, which is super suitable for Selfie or Wefie. 
Furthermore, Samsung NX Mini only 158g, which is super tiny compare with my NX300, i think you will know why i love Samsung NX Mini more than NX300, even both of them don't have big difference, but NX MINI is way more slimmest and easy to carry than NX300! 

Auto Face Detection, so you can take the best angled selfie with foldable screen!

In this generation, what girl want the most? A camera that has Beauty Face Mode is most important ok! No matter how pro your camera, for GIRLS. If the camera don't have Beauty Face Mode, the camera is OUT! HAHA! Fortunately Samsung NX MINI has this function!

Beauty Face Mode: OFF 

Beauty Face Mode: ON , yeah you can see the difference, how powerful Beauty Face mode can change an ordinary girl to godness level lololo #syoksendiri

Not only that! 
Samsung NX Mini still got the other function that I like! The Smile Shot or Wink Shot! Like my previously blog post said, All you need to do is just WINK or SMILE! And it will automatically shot,
 no need use hand to press button and take photo, is skip so many time and energy! Samsung NX Mini hebat kan! 

It is USER FRIENDLY, doesn't need complex operation, you just need to click on the "MODE" button and select what you want! EASY TO CONTROL & FUNCTIONING! 

2. Built-in WIFI 
You see you see, how many selfie!! If I really take serious to selfie i think over millions haha 

All you need to do is Download Samsung Smart Camera App on your devices, Connect to Camera's Built In WIFI, select photos that you want to transfer to your devices & no more! Easy right? :) 

Samsung NX mini not only good on taking SELFIE, is also good at WEFIE! See my mom & I both used Beauty Face mode, looked more younger right? AHAHA the power of Samsung NX Mini :p 

Samsung NX Mini is really a good camera for girls, is very light and compact! The camera have lot of function that I can play with! If you guys looking for a compact yet powerful camera, why not try SAMSUNG NX MINI? It have lot of function and perfect for SELFIE or for other uses!!!

MYR 1399 with 9mm f3.5 lens or MYR 1699 with kit lens!

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