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Aug 1, 2014

SuperModels Secrets x Magic Heatless Curlers Review

I always wish to have curl hairstyle like other girls do, i means I very like girls whose with curly hairstyle they're so pretty and feminine. I WISH TO LOOK LIKE THEM
But end up i look like this 
 DAFUQ?  Before I know this product I used to used electronic curlers to set my hairdo, but actually that heat is damage my hair and give my hair extreme dry! I really dislike about it, until I receive this product from Supermodels Secrets, this product is my savior! My god, I can't tell how much I in love with, but I can show you how amazed this product! 

 There are 18 altogether, enough for your whole head of hair, unless you have very thick hair. When I still with long hair 18 is apparently not enough for me, cuz my hair is very thick! But since I've cut to short hair, I think only 8-10 heatless curlers is already enough for me! The curlers material is quite firm, I got the heatless curlers in extra large for large bouncy curls for longer hair 35cm Long (stretched) 3.3cm diameter! 
Press the lip on the tip to create an open mouth.

 Insert the blue stick into the open mouth and push the entire stick into the tube.
 This should be seen protruding from the tube so that you can hook it on your hair.

for a easy way, i've made a GIF! I think it will be more easy to see right! It's very easy to do! No need any skills at all. Leave the curlers on for 30 minutes to 4 hours. Or maybe you can leave it overnight. I suggest leaving it on for at least an hour, but if you in rush, you can use hair dryer to make it more faster to process! 

Displaying SAM_9745.JPG
Displaying SAM_9749.JPG

After an hour just remove the curlers, Tadaaa! 
Displaying SAM_9755.JPG
Is so soft and natural right!!! I am so in love with this product, which give what I want and without damaging my hair! Aww, every girls should have one of this! 

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Key in "Koey" before checkout and be entitled to 10% discount! 
Valid until 31 December 2014. 


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