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Mar 3, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Life App Launch

Remember my previous post about Samsung Galaxy Life bring me to Sompoton Spa? Guess what, Samsung Galaxy Life app finally launched! Samsung Galaxy Life app is offers premium deals and app recommendations rewards to Samsung Users, with Galaxy Life you probably will find out so many great deals, discount coupons!

Photo credits to Fish
As i mentioned before this app has 7 pillars: Live, Entertain, Learn, Work, Surprise, Play and Connect, the Galaxy Life app has all your daily needed! Why don't download on your Google play store and start explore premium deals? Bet you will love it :) 

Photo Credits to Johnson 
K-Pop Dance Performances by Celebrity Fitness 

Photo Credits To Fish 
Last, Don't FORGET to download Galaxy Life app for FREE at http://bit.ly/GALAXYlife!

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