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Mar 16, 2014

[Review] LC Derma Skin Care Range

 Remember my latest blogpost about I went to LC Derma skin care workshop? Now is the time to review the products of LC Derma! I've received a full set of LC Derma skin care products here, so i'm gonna one by one explain and write my honest opinion to you all, after I tried this products like almost a week :)

 Stem Cell Facial Wash 100ml RM59.90
Sulfate Free 

This facial cleanser contains :

NO sulfates substance (Sulfates Free Surfactant) 
NO preservative added 
NO mineral oil 
NO lanolin 
NO comedogenic ingredients 
NO animal derived ingredients 
NO colorant 
NO petrolchemicals 

 This facial wash i can feel the ingredients is very mild, gentle and non-irritating to skin or eye. It is gentle removes surface impurities, dirts, excess oils and it is washes off easily. It formulate with mild and moisturizing ingredients that is kind to my skin, so I didn't get any breakouts after few days I used as my daily skincare routine. Normally i wash my face twice a day so I can say is the facial wash is very mild for my skin, because I didn't get any uncomfortable feeling after I used. Just keep my skin refreshing with no tightly feeling! :D 

 Stem Cell Turnaround Mist 50ml RM89.90
Skin repairing / protecting property 

 After facial wash, i use Turnaround Mist as my Toner, just spray on my freshly cleaned and dried face. This unique mist uses a skin activator technology to revive the skin by nourishment and intense hydration while improving the skin’s texture, making it appear healthier and youthful. 

 Sebum Control 30ml RM89.90
Prevention / Treatment  
Sebum Control Serum only for oily/blemish skin type, is suitable for my skin.. LC Derma Sebum Control Serum regulates the production of sebum and oil while treating blemished skin, making it appear fresh without looking shiny. I can feel the texture is non sticky, i just love this Sebum Control Serum so much :) 

 Moisturising Serum 30ml RM89.90

Optimal level of hydration to rejuvenate the skin 

 Moisturising Serum suitable for dry skin, This serum is formulated to hydrate and rejuvenate the skin while curing the uncomfortable conditions of dry, flaky, scaling, itching and cracking. (review by Mabel Yan) 

 Whitening Serum & Anti Aging Serum both are in 30ml price RM109.90

Anti Aging: First aid for problem / aging skin! 
Skin is irritated by many factors : intrinsic / extrinsic factors. Effect from the environmental influences surrounding it : changes in temperature, over exposure to sun which will cause your skin turn to premature skin / sensitive skin / problem skin.

Whitening Serum: It is light, readily absorbed to help, protect and nourish the skin. 
With daily use of this Stem Cell Lumino whitening serum, an even, balanced skin tone is restored as skin is left bright and radiant! Your skin stays softer, moisturize, visibly white and younger looking.
 Stem Cell UV CC Cream SPF30 30ml RM89.90
Specially formulated multifunctional CC Cream helps to even out skin tone for perfect radiant skin. Its rich and non-greasy texture is suitable for all skin types. It provides soothing, comfortable and hydrated all day long. It helps to protect your skin from harmful UV rays and helps the skin maintain an even complexion / correction unevenness complexion simultaneously. With this CC Cream, it conceals and provides better coverage to imperfect skin. 

 Why do we name it “SMART” CC Cream? 
S Sensory / Soft-touch – Non greasy/comfortable/smoothes 
M Moisturize – Provide hydrates and nourishes skin 
A Anti-Aging – Reduces the sign of aging 
R Reduces sensitivity in reactive skin – Soothes irritated skin / Anti-inflammation 
Tone – Balances and help even out skin tone / Protect skin from unevenness complexion and harmful UV rays. 

The texture a bit thick, and CC Cream color are too white for my original skin color, like I wearing a mask going out, can definitely see two different color between my face and neck/body.

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