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Mar 28, 2014

Beauty: Nighttime SkinCare

Remember last blog post I blogged about my morning skincare routine?
 In case if you not read bout my morning skincare routine blog post, 
you can see at here, And today I gonna share about my nighttime skincare routine! 
Skin Care is very important for me, like important than drinking water everyday, Make up or Skin Care? Ofcuz I will choose skin care, 
if you have flawless skin, do you think you still need put thick makeup on your face everyday to cover your imperfection? 
Everyone wish their skin were flawless, no any imperfection, fleck or acne, so either I.
 I always looking for a best yet effective skincare that works on my face (oily & blemish skin type) 
Pores and Acne scars always my biggest enemies, concealer doesn't help sometime, what I can do is take more time to take care of my face, 
let my skin have a good rest and do not put any makeup if unnecessary, 
but I always put makeup on it so that why I keep breakouts T_T 
Alright, seems like I out of the topic, stop the crap let's get start shall we? :)

Here is my nighttime skincare products I used currently for my skin condition

 Product List 
Avene Cleanance Gel (for oily blemish skin type), LC Derma Sebum Control, Aloe 90% Soothing Gel, 
Lancome Genifique Eye Cream, H20+ Spa Series for Body, Hand & Nail and Foot Rub 

 My nighttime skincare is just few product I listed above, Cleanance gel from Avene to keep my face clean and anti acne, 
LC Derma Sebum Control as my toner just same with morning skincare, Third I will apply Aloe 90% Soothing Gel on my face as sleeping mask just to shrink my pores and moisturized my skin, Aloe soothing gel is very fast absorb into my skin with no any sticky feeling, Aloe Soothing gel from It's Skin :) 

 Except Skin Care, Body Hydrate also a must for me! 
My body is super dry plus I don't like to drink water, to keep my skin smooth and soft, so I have to apply hydrating lotion on nighttime!
I'm here using H20+ SPA Series, I got this set from my sister as birthday gift last year, 
and I found out this should be the best body lotion I ever had, because this body lotion does really hydrate my super dry skin! 
I had try tons of hydrating lotion before, but no any of body lotion really gives my body felt smooth and soft 
like what their said will moisturizing locked in our body or whatsoever just a LIES
but H20+ hydrating body lotion surprised me! I even can feel my body are still so hydrating after a day I applied!!!! Just so amazing! 
There's one set included with Hand & Nail Cream, Hydrating Body Butter, Softening Mint Foot Rub! 
If you guys looking for real hydrating body lotion, maybe you can give a try on H20+! There lot of good feedbacks on internet :)

Lancome Genifique Eye Cream- to prevent Dark circles, fine lines, eye bags!! Génifique helps create more youthful-looking skin. 
Specially formulated for the delicate eye area, this gel-cream leaves the eye area feeling velvety soft. 

So here is my quick and simple nighttime skincare routine, hope you guys enjoy it! 
See you guys on next post! Xox 

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