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Mar 31, 2014

Review: Hong Kong Naturals Facial Mask

Greetings! It's been a time didn't do a product review related beauty, 
today I am going to review a product from HongKong which is all about Natural Skincare. 
So, before i start reviewing I would like to intro this amazing mask for you, 
What so special about Hong Kong Naturals? 

Hong Kong Naturals was started by a founder who grew up in a traditional Chinese Medicine shop and learned the ins and outs of Chinese herbalism from her family. We are a skincare company based in Hong Kong that wants to create great skincare products for people. Great products start with great ingredients, which is why we select only the best for our unique mask blends. We mix and pack every single mask ourselves because we feel the closeness to our products ensures that we only create only the best products--why would you want anything less?

Really apologize for the delay, cuz I received the parcel quite long time ago and delay until now only have extra time to blog! 
Because I actually quite busy this month, and i have no time to apply facial mask and test, 
but finally I had tried all of these facial mask that HK Naturals sent to me for review purpose :) 

Received a sweet letter from HK Naturals 

 Facial Mask, These 3 masks their provided to me is follow by my skin condition  
Oily, Pores, Acne, Scars
 Healing Mask 甘草百合面膜
Soothe, Calm, Heal, and Moisturize

 Tea Mask 花茶组合面膜 

Antioxidants and nourishing: 
Both green and white tea contain high amounts of antioxidant tea polyphenols, which fight off free radicals, 
and strengthen your skin's immune system, fortifying your skin to all sorts of external damage. 
Beans' gentle cleansing, whitening, and nourishing properties help retain moisture and nourish the skin.

Moisturizing, calming and clearing: 
The flower extracts have mild skin clearing properties and the plant proteins promote skin cell health and moisture retention. 
Jasmine and chrysanthemum keep the skin moist, which reduces wrinkles and keeps skin glowing, firm and flexible. 
The flower combinations also have the added benefit of not just soothing the skin but the body.

Seaweed Mask 
Nourish, Repair and Balance: 
Seaweed contains natural, moisturizing collagen which firms and balances dry, sensitive or oily skin.
 Aloesin, found in aloe repairs environmental damage to the skin, providing immediate healing and redness reduction. 

Whitening and Calming: 
Aloesin also prevents the formation of dark pigments, increasing the brightness of the skin. 
Other herbs and chrysanthemum calm and add moisture to your skin, which makes your skin firm and smooth.

Brushes, Measuring Spoon & Bowl provided by HK Naturals! How Lovely!

First Mask I tried is Tea Mask 花茶组合面膜 
 for antioxidant, nourishing, moisturizing, calming and clearing

How to use our Mask, Step 1: Open, Add Water and Stir
Open Packet and add desired amount of water. Start with one tablespoon (15 ml) and slowly add more water while stirring. 
Recommended about 1.5-2 tablespoons of water depending on how thick you like your masks and which mask you are using 

Step 2 
How to use our Mask, Step 2: Stir occasionally for 5 minutes
Continue stirring occasionally for about 5 minutes. 
Try to incorporate all the powder into the mixture and break up clumps.

How to use our Mask, Step 3A: Use a brush to apply onto your face. Wait 15 minutes and rinse.

Using a brush, gently apply the mask onto your face, try not to get any into your eyes and lips. 
Wait 15 minutes and wash! The mask can be used as exfoliators
Because contain physical exfoliators which will help to even out and smooth our skin. 

Seaweed Mask 海藻芦荟面膜
 For Nourish, Repair, Balance, Whitening and Calming

Main Ingredients:
Seaweed, Aloe, Chrysanthemum

Skin Type:
Dry, Sensitive, Combination and Problematic 

After applied Seaweed mask for 15mins, my acne were totally mature and ready to let me pop out without any painful feeling
the effective is really surprise me I never imagine this mask can be so powerful :o And can you feel my skin are brighter than before? 
Because it contain with Whitening and Calming which can prevents the formation of dark pigments, increasing the brightness of the skin. 
Other herbs and chrysanthemum calm and add moisture to your skin, which makes your skin firm and smooth! 
Plus it also added Aloesin, which can repairs environmental damage to the skin, providing immediate healing and redness reduction :D 

Healing Mask 甘草百合面膜 
Main ingredients: 
Water Lily Bud, Licorice, Jobs Tears, Aloe

Skin Type:
Sensitive, Acne-prone, Damaged, Sun-burned, Inflamed, Scarred


This mask have healing properties that also help to balance the production of oil on the skin. 
 it helps to promote cell regeneration while calming and reducing any inflammation. 
In addition, the special blend of ingredients helps encourage cell growth and repair, improving skin elasticity and colour. 
This mask is also rich in special flavonoids, which prevent pigmentation of the skin immediately bringing back glowing, supple, and energetic-looking skin. 
I just feel my skin so refreshing after using this mask! 

Tried all mask their provided to me, and I can see my face is getting better, even though there only 6 sample, 
but I already can see difference! My face acne scars starting fade away, and I didn't any breakouts!!! 
Because HK NATURALS products is all natural ingredient, so is totally safe for our skin! 
And also I can using this mask everyday, i won't feel my face dry or any uncomfortable feeling after used. 
These natural mask is just great for me, but too bad is powder mask, if it is paper mask I sure will do it everyday! 
And the most I like with HK Naturals is, the mask can exfoliating our skin even our body!!!
 This mask brighter my skin, fade away my acne scars, firm, prevent acne, I JUST IN LOVE WITH IT! 

when you purchase any mask on they website, you can get a special preferential! 

1. Log on to website: www.hknaturals.com 
2. Choose the products you want, and click add to carts 
3. Enter "KOEYBLOG" at the "use coupon code" to active the coupon 
4. Click check out and follow the introduction 
and You are DONE, HAPPY SHOPPING! <3 

WEBSITE: www.hknaturals.com 
FACEBOOK: www.fb.com/hknaturals 
INSTAGRAM: @hknaturals 
EMAIL: cs@hknaturals.com 
**product(s) sent to me for reviewing purpose**

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