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Mar 20, 2014

Finally! I Had Perfect Eyebrows!

Hello! I wonder if my blog post title scare you not, hahaha! I am so happy to blog this to my beloved readers,
because is really a happy thing for me and I think I should share with you all too! Sharing is caring la! :p 
In the past, I always drawing a super ugly yet thick eyebrow,
my parents and my bf always said "Why you always draw your eyebrow till so thick, is ugly"
and ofcuz, I won't mind what their told me cuz I felt that eyebrow shape is suitable for me,
i just told myself, THICK EYEBROW ONLY LOOK LIKE KOREAN MAH (where my confidence come from)
If you guys don't believe, i will show you my old photo with the ugly eyebrow here (make sure u dont laugh) 

 (nah, i wonder why i want to draw my eyebrow so thick.. is let me looks fierce going to kill someone) 
wtf this really the most funny eyebrow ever

 looks so old izzit! my gawd! I cant believe I draw my eyebrow like this almost a year tsk tsk :(

 Since my two aunts are go to embroidery their eyebrows, and is quite nice! So my mom and I was decided to go embroidery our brows too!
I very "gia xi" (means scare in hokkien), so I let my mom be the first lead to re-do her eyebrows since she tattoo her eyebrows almost 20 years and now she need to embroidery her eyebrows
Had shaved my eyebrows first, then draw an eyebrow shape to make sure that eyebrow shape match my face..  
 The girl help me draw two eyebrows shape here, and my mom, friends also advice me to do the right eyebrows shape.
They said the right one are more suitable for my face, this eyebrows shape do let me looks more vigor 

I am the last one to do,  totally freak out! As you can see I hearing music to distract the pain while doing embroidery.. Does it hurt if you ask me?
I will answer, YES!!!! IS FUCKING HURT when doing the second one! The first eyebrows the pain sensation i still can handle,
but the second one I do is fucking painful, like 100x painful than the first I do! I just keep distract myself lol,
it's take 1 hour to finish both eyebrows you can imagine this is the most long one hour in my life, i just cant bear the pain :<
  I wonder who said embroidery is not pain at all!!!! But “女人爱美不要命” is true i admitted it, at least i bear the pain till finish!!

Selca with my super thick eyebrows after done embroidery! HAHAHA I just looks old here, like I've older 10 years..
To be frank, i have sad for few days cuz i still can't accept the eyebrow shape, i think the eyebrows shape doesn't really match with me,
 but luckily I posted to my social media FB / Instagram.
My parent my friends say is better than before, and this eyebrows was very suitable for me! So my confidence is back now hahaha 

 2 days after do embroidery :) 

5 days after do embroidery 

Current my eyebrows looks like:
Apparently, you can see my eyebrows color are light than first day when i do, my eyebrows color are light brown 
And my eyebrows shape are much more match with my face now, honestly after i do eyebrows embroidery,
 I finish my whole makeup more faster than before, in the past i been waste lot of time doing on eyebrows, but now i can skip this part!
Like before i might take 30mins or longer to finish my whole makeup, but now only 10mins to finish my face makeup, amazing right? :p

And i bet you guys can totally spot difference here,
Eyebrows really important to a people, a wrong eyebrows may change her whole face look weird or no vigor.. 
A perfect eyebrows of course will let you looks more beautiful, so how about you? 
You drawing an eyebrows that fit your face or a wrong eyebrows?

Lim Beauti Light Berjaya Times Square

Lot 06-47 Berjaya Times Square,

No 1 Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 03-2144 4226

Operation Hours:
Mon-Sat : 11am - 7pm
Sun or PH : 11am - 6pm


  1. It look nice on you! :)
    And hws the pricing like?

    1. Thank you! They got provide service like removing the embroidery as well? I still have my previous embroidery on.

      Thanks! :)

    2. Yes, they got provide ;) But RM100 is because my aunt know the girl, so she discount for us, normally she charge RM200-RM300 you can call the number above, for any inquiry

  2. Very pretty babe! <3


  3. This does suit you better dear! :D well we Muslims can't do them on our eyebrows so lucky you :p

  4. So nice la twinnie! Love it...The pain is worth it de! i also want to go la..but bit bit scare. hahaha. Great post dear.

    1. Thanks twinnie! Is really pain, but i think is bearable :3

  5. it's so nice! especially starting with the 2nd day , woo! but the way you describe the pain also make me feel very coward to go try

    1. Thanks you Ann! :) Haha, the second one you can definitely feel the needle keep scratch your brows so hardly, that why pain like hell :<

  6. So nice and the price is so cheap! Really worth~

    1. Hehe ya, outside wouldn't have this price anymore, lucky me! HAHA because my aunt know them so got discount! :DD

    2. owhh, so sad, i still thinking go have it since price is cheaper.;/ You really lucky!

  7. So nice lah your eyebrows! Wish I can do them tho :s

    1. Come on babe, i help you to do it! HAHAHA :p

  8. How much is the price now?
    is that still RM200-RM300? :-P

  9. Hi may I know what's the name of the lady who did the embroidery for you? It looks super nice! :) I'm planning to do as well hehe


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