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Nov 30, 2013

November Life, Favourites Haul & Stuffs!

I swear this will be a super long post, i am so in mood to write blog today I don't know why! Haha but is a good things for me, I finally willing to sit down and blog. My blog is so long time didn't update (my thought) anyway please be patient to read it all finish please? HAHA so today I gonna share about my whole November Life to y'all, it may be long post :O I HOPE YOU GUYS WON'T MIND AND READ IT TILL FINISH (why I'm like forcing, lol?)
Dream Catcherssssss, yaaa I am so in loved with it! You will know if you has watch Heirs 继承者 

98% Aloe Vera ( Lol i don't why I uploaded to my blog the logo and fonts is reverse
I love how it moisture my dry skin, i always use this to calm my skin, to relax.. is smooth and lighten up my dry and dull skin HOW CAN I NOT TO LOVE THIS? AWww

I rebonding my hair, does it suitable for me? It been so many years till I rebonding my hair again. 
My hairs are actually born to be curly, and plus I not a hair-lover? I lazy to take care of my hairs, honestly even I tie up my hair also used my fingers to scratch 'em up, i lazy to using comb to tie.. and ofcuz it look messy, my bf and mom always asked me to have a Hair Treatment, and Finally I did it! LOL But i can felt my hair started knotted, or maybe long hair tangles easily? :( 
Btw, I did my Rebonding & Treatment at Cheras Shamelin, 
for my hair length is cost RM130 included with treatment @ G2 Salon

And their now having promotion, if you are Original black hair with no color your hair before, it cost RM68
Got two package, Rebonding + Treatment / Colouring + Treatment :)
Booking: 03-9200 6331
Address: No.7, Kln Bunga Melati, Taman Maju Jaya, 56100 Cheras Kuala Lumpur 
Business Hour: 11am-8pm (Monday - Sunday) 

 Shills, Queen Elizabeth dedicated eyelash curling device RM49.90 from SASA 

Boyfriend Outfits: 
Top: Brands Outlet
Bottom: Brands Outlet 
Shoes: Converse 

My outfits: 
Top: Timesquare
Bottom: Glomourous from Ts 
Shoes: H&M   

Couple shirt with ze boyfie, does it look nice? He match up! My outfits is matched by him inspired? LOL 
Black Top, Red Bottom and canvas shoes


Makeup Remover 
Left: Cyber Colors All-In-1 Moisturizing Cleansing Water
My always favourite, I already finished used 5 bottle of this makeup remover, for my oily skin-type it can moisture up my skin and not to harm.

Right: Loreal Gentle Lip and Eye waterproof makeup remover 
 So far is okay, not too oily for me and it does really clean waterproof makeup really well :)

I gonna buy Samsung NX300, but i still confusing about the camera colors, white is so attracted me!! 
Who doesn't love White? Is look elegant but brown is vintage :( All people asked me to buy white, but some of my friends told me to buy the Brown color because I am careless, if I buy white color it will so easy to dirty it lol.. sounds true!! Can you give me a recommendation? Aww  I really confuse 


Jogoya with ze boyfie, for celebrating our 7 months anniversary 
Is so yumssssssss, is took me so full!! We ate so many


Ohhh, Dec is coming soon is so fast! My birthday months haha!
so here my little sharing of my nov life etc. Hope you guys love it, BYE! :D


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