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Nov 12, 2013

Review: ZA Perfect Action Mascara

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ZA Cosmetics, introduces new mascara options to all of you. Like how we treat our hair, the brand gives customized solutions for every lash type. Let's check them out!

Perfect Action Mascara Waterproof RM36.90 
This multi-functional mascara is the savior for those who want absolutely No smudging! This waterproof mascara prevents all smudging caused by perspiration, water and oil. Formulated with moisturizing collagen that is gentle on your lashes and a waterproof formulation that stays smudge-free all day

Perfect Action Mascara Smudgeproof RM36.90 
Mascara removal will no longer be a hassle anymore! With the Perfect Action Masca Smudgeproof, there is no need for a special makeup cleanser. This smudgeproof mascara can easily be removed using only warm water! Formulated with moisturizing collagen that is gentle on your lashes and a film-type formula that allows the masca to stay smudge-free all day, you only have a reasons to feel great and confident throughout your day! 

This mascara is truly an ultimate busy women must-have. It give extreme volume to your lashes without clumping so strand by strand your lashes look well-defined. The best part? It does not smudge nor budge even if you spend an entire day outdoors. 

Smudgeproof? Checked! Lengthened? Checked. Tell me one thing this mascara doesn't do! 
I love how it lengthens my lashes making it look as good through I am wearing falsies. 
Not only that it is easy to remove, The film type formula dissolves and slips away
 once your gently cleanse it with lukewarm water! 


A smudgeproof, smear-proof mascara that is easy to use and remove. 
It's waterproof so a really good cleanser is needed for this. If just soap or foam cleanser, 
it would really stay for days and make eyes quite messy.

I applied 1 coat of waterproof and 2 coats of smudgeproof mascara
Because of the extra fibers that gives volume to my lashes, 
it weighed down the natural curl of my lashes.
  I highly recommend to curl your lashes well prior to mascara application. 
The mascara that gives volume and definition minus the "fake" effect.

 It smudges minimally and doesn't smear throughout the day.
 It's an okay mascara for the price! 
I'd recommend it for girls who have nice lashes already,
 those who don't require something to super-enhance their sparse lash hairs. 
This is also a good option if you have normal lids, 
if you have very oily lids then you're probably better off with the waterproof version. 

I like to use the flat side of the brush first and comb through your lash hair 
starting from the roots to tips with a zig zag motion.
Use the side of the mascara wand for 2nd or 3rd comb to separate lashes preventing clumps.
If you suffer from super oily lids, go for the waterproof version.
Though this can be removed by lukewarm water, 
I still prefer to follow up with a gentle eye makeup remover 
just to make sure there's none of the mascara residue that may cause allergic reactions.

Where to purchase? 
 Available in every Watson's outlets and Guardian nationwide.

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Website: http://www.za-cosmetics.com 

 products were sent to me for reviewing purposes 

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