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Nov 3, 2013

♥ How I Clean & Store My Makeup Brushes

Yayy, today not any product reviewing post, i gonna share my own stuff to y'all! I think every beauty blogger also have a set of MakeUp Brushes isn't it? :D I got two set of Makeup Brushes, totally insane lol~ But I still want to collect more! Because makeup brushes is so much of dirt inside that we couldn't see, must keep changing a new set of makeup brushes every 6 ~ 12 months! (personal suggestion) I still looking for a really good brushes which is really soft and make me feel comfort when using, won't feel any stabbing pain like cheap brushes, is really so uncomfortable when apply face foundation using those brushes on my face :<

 This is my used 1 years / 2 years plus makeup brushes
imitate makeup brushes branded from "Bobbi Brown" Last 2 years bought from Taobao, I think a set got 24 brushes, but lot of brushes already disappeared lol, Even though it aren't authentic Bobbi brown brushes, but the quality of brush is really soft! I forget how much is it, i think is MYR30+ not including postage to send to here of course, But why I can using a Dummy Makeup Brushes over 1 years? This is how I take care of my makeup brushes let get start it

Prepare Two Layers Of Paper Tissues 

PREPARE a makeup remover you used often. I'm using Cyber Colors Makeup Remover Water
I don't buy those makeup brush cleaner, because it too expensive,
 makeup remover water also can clean it very well! 

Pour two drops onto tissues paper 

Powder Brushes 

Ew, how dirt inside my brushes! All is finishing powder, imagine i been used this brushes used on my face when everytime I makeup, no wonder my face so many pimples oops :< 

Fan-shaped brush

 Newest makeup brushes collection sponsored from a , will be review it soon! 

Just prepare a useless glass / jar 

Taadaa, it done! Convenient and practical! 

Just add-on some deco as you like! 

aren't is so convenient? Hygienic and clean! :D 
If wanna make your makeup brushes more longevity can also put a plastic to cover it up!
To protect makeup brush don't let dust to fly inside

Wanna longevity your Makeup Brushes? Just clean your brushes once a month, make sure it clean!
 So you can longevity your brush! :D 

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