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Nov 10, 2013

Vlog: Universal Clip Lens + Winner Announcement! ♥

Vlog In Mandarin, hey this is my new Youtube account my previous account "BabeMant0u" 
I been stop using, please re-subscribe to my new channel for more upcoming video 

Magic Lens, is the things in my wishlist always although is not very expensive
but you know my life is damn poor lack of money, i been thinking wanna buy on TAOBAO because is so cheap! This is the reason why i love shopping at Taobao eventhou is slowly arrive to here :< You know what Taobao selling magic lens around RMB20~30 ONLY!!!! OMG Is mean RM10 or RM15 only! Hmm Anyway i'm not a patient people to wait it shipping to malaysia, so I decide to buy at Facebook from a friend! And she selling RM60.. Errr kinda expensive anyway its not I paid for it, hahaha! Thanks for my boy for paying :P 

Alright let get start to Review my new toy - Magic Lens♥ 

 What Is INSIDE? 
Lens Clip, Lens Caps, Fish Eye Lens, Wide Angle & Macro Lens and a Cleaning Cloth Bag!  

Wide Angle & Macro Lens!
For this lens I prefer for Selca & Group photo! I wonder why it must use together only can took photo (you can watch my video above and know WHY) I never used Macro Lens before is too blur, can't capture anything but the shopkeeper was telling me. The lens is use for take photo of some tiny animals like Ants or some worms, lol? I wonder who will so FREE to find ANTS to take photo by using Macro lens

Fish Eye Lens!
I personally prefer use this to recording video! I love how this lens works, but honestly i don't really like when i take this lens to selca , it make me face so round especially my nose lol, if you taking wrong angle to selca *wink you know what i saying :p


Which magic lens you prefer? :D 


Yes, I can using Wide-Angle lens to take any photo with sponsored products! Chinksss ;) 

I never using my phone to take a group photo because it enlarge! But now I got Magic Lens!
 I can take group photo whenever I want! :D See?! Yoooolo

With the niece Allysha! She was so curious about the magic lens, keep wanna touch 'em :P
Your Truly, 
Using Fish Eye Lens with right angle! Make my face look so small and slim HAHAHA 

Q & A 
Why I using the magic lens to selca myself and its so blur? 
Alright, let me tell y'all the answer! 

MAGIC LENS clarity is based on your phone megapixel, if your phone camera megap bad 
and ofcuz the photo you take is unclear, Magic lens doesn't really like the name so-called "Magic" 
(if you know what I mean)

So, Are you interesting with this 3 in 1 magic lens? 
You can get it now on Facebook, is having PROMOTION now! It only RM50 included postage 

And here another Good news to announcement to ya'll who been joined my latest GIVEAWAY! 
The giveaway was ended on yesterday, I am so thankful for who been so keen to joined in this contest! 

Let's Count! 



The Lucky Winner Are....

Congratulation to SERAH LIM! Are you happy? :P Heh 
Please send your details to koeyleow@gmail.com within 24 hours before select a new winner :) 

Noted: Please pay for the RM10 postage fee, i do note at the GIVEAWAY contest 
Term & Condition if you read ;)

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  1. Comprei esses dias e realmente é preciso tomar cuidado com o ângulo hahah


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