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Nov 20, 2013

Review: Unboxing Banila Co Prime Primer ♥

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Is a long wait to get this parcel all from Korea PR, Mrs Alice! Thanks for sending this awesome beauty box for me, W2Beauty.com is a best korean cosmetics over 10000 items with Lowest prices, free shipping, tons of samples and gifts. All items from Missha, The Faceshop, Etude House, Skinfood, Innisfree, Banila Co, Etc. And FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!! So let see what I receive in the box 

oh!! Jessica in the box lol?! HAHAHA 

All packaging is very safe, just no worries 

I thought PR is only send me the primer that I chosen by myself, but the shopkeeper Alice is extra give me so much of this little gifts! 

 Radiant Foundation Sample, i think is Banila Co. latest foundation :D Will have a try 

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Etude House BB Cream Cotton Fit Sample 

Oh i love this the most! :D Fresh Cherry Lip Tint from Etude House 

 and here is the Primer I chosen :D 
Prime Primer Banila Co. (Classic)

Packaging; I rate for 5 stars! I love the packaging so much, is kinda like Sephora packaging lol 

What it looks like:
 a white-ish gel-like texture which is slightly watery. After putting and spreading on your skin, you can literally (almost) feel nothing at all on your skin! It's seriously a primer: a transparent protective layer from your makeup. Yes! There are brands in the market that claim their primer protects, but for goodness sake, if your primer is so damn thick, fills up my pore, it's an additional burden for my skin rather than protecting ok?

It is transparent after spreading on your face, so no issues on discoloration of your foundation i use bb cream though

Well, a primer is suppose to prime and protect your beautiful skin from makeup that may ruin or suck the life out of your skin right? So i suppose Banila Co. Classic Primer do works! Ever since i started using the the primer before putting on makeup:
(+) My makeup last longer throughout the day (Mind You! I'm staying in a hot and humid country which is super hot weather every 365 days)
(+) My face ain't that oily with makeup, as in the oil-shine thing doesn't come out that easily
(+) After removing the makeup at the end  of the day like 8-12hrs, i can totally feel my skin is still that same old skin and doesn't breakout more acne or stripped of moisture

I would encourage you people to try it out, since my skin is combination which means it should be ok for both oily and dry skin.. But do take note, after spreading on your skin, let it rest for a few minutes before putting on your foundation etc. In my own opinion, it is so that the primer can form and dry up a layer over your skin first, then when you put on your foundation, you won't actually shift the protective layer too much and foundation leaking through the layer and touches your skin...

Where to buy:
Website: www.w2beauty.com

#Products were sent to me for review purpose

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