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Nov 7, 2014

SkinnyMint 28-day Ultimate Teatox!

Hello girls, losing weight a.k.a Keep Fit is women forever dream or I should say as Career? I gained so much of weight, almost 10kg ever since i dated my BF...  can you imagine how crazy is that? What we ate? I can't believe I gained 10KG (sorry, I have to repeat it again) in just one year! FML, so in this blog post I going to share my 28 days journey with SkinnyMint and the result so far! 

SkinnyMint has come to the rescue! No need to diet anymore / starving myself! Everyone needs a beverage, instead of drinking Starbucks or Soda, why not we exchange it for a cup of delicious tea where you can enjoy a good tea and detox at the same time?! Before I receive SkinnyMint, I've already do some research and saw lots of Good results on Instagram (search with #SkinnyMintResults), so that made me feel more exciting to try it out myself! 

So as you can see, this teatox does not only help to reduce the bloating and boost metabolism - losing weight is a bonus!
It's a 2 steps Teatox programme for 28 Days, which consist of the Morning Boost Tea and Night Cleanse Tea.  

Morning Boost - Kickstart your day with extra energy! 

Natural Ingredients: 
Green Tea- Boosts energy, improves immunity, burns calories
Yerba Mate- Boosts metabolism, curbs appetite 
Nettle Leaves- Natural diuretic, antioxidant 
Dadelion- Improve digestions, detoxifies, cleanses 
Guarana Fruit- cleansing, endurance, weight loss
Grapefruit Leaves- cleansing, immunity improving, fat reduction
Strawberry- antioxidant, brain food, fat burning
Pineapple- nutrifying, digestive, antioxidant

The Morning Boost had a light floral flavour, and I'm happy to have it at any time of the day as long as it was before 5pm. You can add some grapefruit or berry to make it even yummier! Look forward to drinking it every morning, is literally helps me to kickstart my day! 

Night Cleanse- Cleanse and Revitalise your Body

Natural Ingredients: 
Ginger Root- Anti-bloating, detoxifying 
Orange Leaves- Improves digestion, promotes good sleep 
Lemongrass- Anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, e
Peppermint- anti-bloating, digestive and colic reliefnhance complexion 
Senna Leaves- Natural laxative, anti-bloating, reduces appetite 
Licorice Root- Relieves from cramps and constipation 
Licorice Root- antacid, fat reduction, soothing
Hawthorn Berries- circulation, anti-anxiety, digestive
Psyllium Husk- natural laxative, curbs appetite, colon health

The Night Cleanse taste more of peppermint than ginger, it's pretty strong, would recommend to add some honey (raw honey is healthier) if you are not a fan of Ginger and use a cup around 300ml is good. Night Cleanse reduces bloatedness, detoxes and cleanses your system! It warm my body, calm my nerves, and detoxify my body.

During the program, SkinnyMint recommend to Eat Clean and Do more exercise to build energy and burn calories, healthy diet supports healthy lifestyle, you can get tips on SkinnyMint blog or Instagram. Sometime I eat clean, but sometime I eat PIZZA.. Oops, but this doesn't matter! I still went to the loo everyday!! YES EVERYDAY!!! Is very surprising me, I drink Night Cleanse before I bed, I definitely will go to poo after the next morning! Is feel so good! Before start drinking SkinnyMint, my tummy is tend to become really bloated like pregnant, I will show you a pic later.

But after taking both Morning Boost and Night Cleanse, I found that the bloating subsided and now I have regular bowel movements!! Not trying to be Dramatic, but it's TRUE, you wouldn't want to have know more details of that. :p SkinnyMint really works for me, you girls should try it out! Excited to show you girls my Before & After, I must say I did not work out at all during the programme and I still EAT most of the time ... 2 meals per day but sometime is per meal a day, depends on what time I wake up lol. 

My result! 
 Before: 63.5kg | After: 60.2kg 

It solved my bloating problem! SkinnyMint 28 Day Ultimate Teatox program helps me to release all the bad stuff and my body feel healthier! Even though I haven't been eating healthily, but the tea really helps with the bloating I get from all the junk food - imagine with workout and eating clean, i can achieve more. :) A big THANK YOU to SkinnyMint for the opportunities to let me have the chance to changes my body! Stay motivated and live up to #DareToBeGorgeous

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  1. wow.. look good dear.. great that it could help you lose weight! Need to lose some too!


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  3. I just ordered my 28 days Teatox! Looking forward to the same positive results you had! :)



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