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Nov 19, 2014

Real Techniques Brush Dupes Review 5套专业化妆刷

Hello lovely! Are you a brushes mad-lover?! I AM! I use brushes everyday to do my makeup, it's just blend my foundation very perfectly and give me a flawless makeup look! I always looking for a good quality brushes, Real Techniques Brush are always in my wishlist, I saw a lot of beauty bloggers bought Real Techniques Brush at iHerb or Luxola Website, but I thought that a little of pricey, when I decided to buy Real Techniques Brush at iHerb, I was given the opportunity to try out these lovely brushes from Tmart, which is an online store stocking thousands of products in many different departments. God, I am so happy I got this opportunity! Even though is not Authentic Real Techniques Brush, but I still love it so much! Continue reading to find out more.

对我来说化妆刷(Makeup Brush)可是占据了一个很大的地位哦
Real Techniques品牌的化妆刷一直都在我的wishlist,当然你们可以google看看
有很多beauty blogger也有review Real Techniques的化妆刷哦!
通常他们都在国外的网站购买这品牌的化妆刷例如在 iHerb / Luxola等
有一天当我决定了在iHerb网站购买Real Techniques的化妆刷的时候
Tmart突然联系了我邀请我做个产品Review 就是类似Real Techniques的化妆刷6764ce90c0b237b83fd2df5b07d7f0a7_w20_h206764ce90c0b237b83fd2df5b07d7f0a7_w20_h206764ce90c0b237b83fd2df5b07d7f0a7_w20_h20
类似仿冒品 但是我觉得Tmart寄给我的化妆刷很棒哦!
 即使不是真正的Real Techniques化妆刷,可是我觉得效果也是一样的

These brushes are amazing! Versatile product, can be used for applying powder, blushes, bronzers and highlighters.

1. Foundation Brush 粉底液刷 

2. Blending (Concealer/Highlight) Brush 用来blend遮瑕/打亮的刷子

3. Contouring Brush 斜角刷(修容)

4. Powder Brush 粉饼/蜜粉刷
You can use this as Foundation Brush also, if you wish to have a very light makeup finish. It can be both, liquid either powder.
你也可以使用这个化妆刷来作为粉底刷,但是推开了就底妆会变得类似淡妆,可以适用于粉底液/粉饼 (太~厉~害~了~)70f87f7e354dc60510ceffc5c4da61f6_w48_h48

5. Blush Brush 腮红刷

The brushes is really soft and smooth bristle, and it's super easy to hold & lightweight! I love how these brushes gave me super easy blends and buff the liquid foundation perfectly.

The high-end material ensure the handle feature good texture and comfortable touch. 

PROS 优点:
Soft and smooth bristles.柔軟,光滑的毛。
Easy to hold. 易於握持。
Lightweight. 轻巧
Blends and buff the liquid foundation perfectly. 给了我完美的底妆非常容易blend开
 are comfortable to use without stimulating skin. 不会有刺刺的感觉
Versatile product- can be used for applying powder, blushes, bronzers and highlighters. 多功能用途,可用于粉饼,腮红,修容和打亮
Gives flawless and air brushed finish. 給了我完美的matte finish效果
Reasonably priced for the results it gives. 价格合理
No shedding of the bristles. 刷毛没有脱落
Travel friendly. 带出旅游的时候方便
Easy to use. 容易使用
Easy to clean. 容易清洗

CONS 缺点: 
-None. 暂时没有

These brushes are from Tmart.com, which is a website that has thousands of products on it. Tmart is really a good website for shopping, as their prices are very good and affordable, and they ship worldwide for free. Tmart is now on sale at USD13.06, considerably cheaper than Real Techniques!

这些化妆刷你们可以从Tmart.com购买到,这个网站有超过百中的不同产品。Tmart真的是女人的购物天堂!他们的价钱都很大众化 而且时常有Promotion促销活动,最重要的是 他们是免运费的哦 即使你在哪个角落哈哈!这款化妆刷正在促销当中,USD13.06 相比来说是便宜过真正的Real Techniques化妆刷哦 爱美的女生们可以考虑看看购买者化妆刷,因为真的很好用!

What do you think about? Do you think USD13.06 worth for these 5 brushes? Leave me comment!

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