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Nov 27, 2014

DRx Clinic #3 - Essential Facial Plus

Hello Hello, yesterday I went back to DRx Clinic for third consultation and facial! Dr.Chiam said my skin has improved a lot. However, there are still some tiny acne spot and uneven skin tone. Dr.Chiam recommended me to try out their Essential Facial (Plus). Essential facial is an award-winning program, DRx’s fundamental treatment for the maintenance of a good complexion, and you can only enjoy this facial in DRx only. 

Well, this is my first visit to DRx Medispa. I was quite nervous, remember I said at Part 1 before? I went to countless facial, and it doesn't help at all, yet pain like hell! My god, whenever I heard of Facial, is kinda scared me off.. However, I believe in DRx Clinic! So here’s my first virgin Essential Facial (Plus) Experience 

My therapist started off by giving me a calming massage. After that she helped me to removed and cleaned my makeup to begin my facial. 

Step 1: Microdermabrasion
It's like mini vacuum cleaner, a machine with find crystals/ diamond tip handpiece to gently exfoliate and remove the superficial layer of skin. This procedure achieves a clearer and smoother skin texture with reduction in fine lines and pore sizes :) 

Hell this is the worst part of any facial, this processing like 15-20 mins? I guess, I will scream like hell during this process, surprisingly it was bearable. my kind therapist kept talking to me so that I can relax. It’s normal to have red spot on face after extraction. they will subside within a day. 

Step 4: Therapeutic Mask 
A therapeutic mask to calm the skin from all that squeezing, DRx's mask are made from high quality marine-derived ingredients with remarkable therapeutic properties! I love the cooling effect, very relaxing :D 

Product Information
 I also went to top up some skincare product! I know a lot of you been asking me how much the products cost, no worries I will list down the price below :)

 Foaming Cleanser 170ml: RM 91
Toner 170ml: RM 91
 Comedone Formula (CF) 25ml: RM 164 
 Max-C 35ml: RM 355 
 Hydrator 35ml: RM 157 
 Illuminator (3A) 35ml: RM 330 
 Blemish Spot 30ml: RM 134
 Bio-Cellulose Facial Mask: RM 50 (per pieces) 
Here are the products that I top up! I really love Derma-Rx products so much, it may not work instantly, but I can see my skin has improved! I can feel my skin is brighter and pores are getting smaller! I really feel so happy, Thank you so much DRx Clinic!
I will update after 3 weeks, Can't wait to meet DR Chiam for next appointment :) 

Quote "KOEY LEOW" to get your first 3 times free consult! :D 
*Only valid for 1st-time customers.

For those who need to pamper their skin, do try out their Essential Facial Plus at a 40% discount. 
*First time customer only. Definitely worth giving it a try if you want a glow and bright skin like ME!!!!!

DRx is located at: 

N-1-1 & N-1-2 Plaza Damas
60, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Sri Hartamas,
50480, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel : (603) – 6201 3088
Fax : (603) – 6201 6033
Mon to Fri : 10am to 7pm | Sat : 10am to 5pm
Closed on Sun & PH

For more information, please visit their Website and Facebook Page!

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  1. I wanna try the acne spot treatment, btw this clinic looks promising~~ I too, been a member of one beauty clinic in my town. I had acne problem last year (caused by clinique!! nuuu ;^;) but thx god after a few treatments my skin condition has improved a lot and I hope yours too! :)) finger crossed*

    btw I replied your mail already. take care~


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