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Nov 22, 2014

Premier Clinic Vanquish Fat Reduction Treatment

Last week I went to Premier Clinic to do Vanquish Fat Reduction Treatment,  I never dare to wear tight clothes because of my fat tummy, this problem been entangled me about 5 years. Yes, since I high school till now, fat tummy still remain lol.. Since I always want to lose weight, this post definitely about Slimming. Continue Reading to find out more :)

上个星期我去了Premier Clinic 做了Vanquish Fat Reduction Treatment (Vanquish减脂治疗),简称就是不用手术而且无痛的治疗!我从来不敢穿任何紧身衣服或者露肚脐的,因为我的胖肚子!这个问题已经困扰了我快五年啦,从我高中到现在我的肥肚腩还是存在啊!我每次都想减肥减肥,当然这篇文章是关于【瘦身】的,若想要知道更多请继续阅读

FYIPremier Clinic is a one-stop aesthetic clinic located strategically in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, providing a comprehensive range of non-surgical aesthetic procedures and advanced laser treatmentsThey import the latest machines to provide their patients with the most cutting edge technology available on the market.

Premier Clinic 是一间一站式的審美診所位于@TTDI,Premier Clinic提供不用进行手术的美容和先進的激光治療机器。他們導入最新的機器学和最尖端的技術在市場上。

This is Dr.Kee, I consult doctor telling him my major concern currently is my fat tummy, that makes me most annoying and make me feel so self-abased, like I said just now this problem been entangled with me since I high school, therefore Dr.Kee suggested me to try out the Vanquish Fat Reduction Treatment. 

这是Dr Kee, 我告诉醫生,我主要關注的是我的胖肚子,讓我最討厭的,也讓我感到如此自卑,就像我說的,因為我高中剛才這個問題一直糾纏著我,因此Dr.Kee建議我嘗試的的Vanquish減脂治療。
Evonne helping me to evaluating the measurement of my tummy, so you can see some marking on my tummy. 


This is the machine, Vanquish is a new cutting-edge, non-invasive fat removal and fat elimination treatment that uses safe radiofrequency (RF) technology to destroy unwanted fat cells. Targeted areas include adipose tissue over the tummy, love handles and the back. This revolutionary technology was first introduced in the US in 2013 and has since been widely used worldwide including in Malaysia.

Vanquish heats fat in the abdomen without ever harming the skin or surrounding muscle tissues. The technology may be used by both males and females who are experiencing difficulty in shedding those last few inches of fat over the stomach. After the fat cells are destroyed, your body will naturally eliminate them. This technology has been proven in clinical studies to decrease belly fat by two or more inches, and it is also able to eliminate up to 59% of the targeted fat cells.


During the treatment. As you can see this treatment has NO body contact, It only heats fat over the treated area at 40-45°C.. I don't feel anything else, just slightly warm feeling but very comfortable.. 


Vanquish Fat Reduction FAQ’s

How long is each treatment?
Half an hour.

How many treatments are required?
Typically up to 8 treatments, performed once a week. It depends on your body type as well as what your doctor advises.

Does it hurt?
No, the device doesn’t touch your skin. Vanquish patients may experience a “warm” sensation.

So how exactly does it work?
Vanquish uses selective radiofrequency waves that target unwanted fats cells and destroys them.

Can it hurt or damage the skin or muscle tissues?
No, it only eliminates the fat cells. It doesn’t affect the surrounding tissue.

Who should consider Vanquish treatment?
Both males and females who wish to shed 2-4 inches off their waistline.

When will I obtain results?
There will be some slight results even after one or two sessions. Most patients report optimum results within 2 to 3 months after the last session.

Here is the BEFORE & AFTER .. I can feel my waist is slim a little bit, I know is not a huge different regarding to the picture above.. But I can feel my pants is slightly loose than before ;) Even though, the treatment only 30-45mins but I still can see the result, thanks Premier Clinic & Dr.Kee for introducing me this awesome treatment! Won't get any redness / side effect right after you do the treatment, awesome right?! 

对比图,我可以感觉到我的腰围小了一点,当然不是很大的差别咯 因为才做一次!但我可以感觉到裤子有点松宽了哦,虽然这个疗程只是短短的30-45分钟,但我仍然可看到轻微的效果!谢谢Premier Clinic & Dr.Kee 介绍我这个那么棒的疗程!真的无痛呢,而且也不会有任何的泛红或副作用!

 Premier Clinic 
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