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Oct 20, 2014

Olederm Mild Cleansing Soap Bar Giveaway

Hello girls, today I gonna share another beauty product about body care! Shower is a must to everyone everyday, don't tell me you don't shower everyday lol. I always looking for a body shower that can moisture my dry skin, but after tried tons of body shower that claims can moisture body is just all bullshit my body is still dry. Till I received Olederm Mild Cleansing Soap from Agnesia! Sorry for the delay, I've delay this blog post 4 months! My apologies, btw This soap bar is suitable for Adults and Children even Dry and Sensitive skin can use! Olederm Cleansing Soap free of unnecessary frills, Olederm works up a rich lather to remove grime and dirt, leaving skin refreshing clean without that tight, itchy feeling. Mild and non-drying, daily use will help to: 

  • Maintain your skin's own natural moisture 
  • Soothe irritations and redness
  • Neutralize free radicals 

Olederm also contains light liquid paraffin, an excellent source of lubrication and insulation to hydrate and seal in moisture. 
Suitable for Adults and Children.

As what I said, Olederm Bar is a mild cleanser specially formulated for Dry and Sensitive skin. It can be used on face and body.

Olederm does helps reduce dryness and leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth. The gentleness of Olederm Bar makes it suitable for all skins including children and infants. The mildness of Olederm is also suitable for eczema skins.

Ingredients: Sodium Palmitate, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Fragrance, Light Liquid Paraffin, PEG-14M, Methyl Gluceth-20, Tetrasodium EGTA, CI 15510, CI 14700

So what's so unique about Olederm Mild Cleansing Soap? It's unique with 7.5% of Liquid Paraffin BP, which contains emollient and non-stripping to skin. Light liquid paraffin is an emollient that promotes rehydration of the skin and skin suppleness. It is non-toxic and non-irritating. Light liquid paraffin is adsorbed on the skin, and provides an emollient film which reduces the loss of water from the outermost layer of the skin to the environment.


  • Olederm provides effective & long lasting hydration.
  • It leaves a thin layer of protective film on the skin, which prevents water loss, hence rehydrates the skin & helps prevent further dryness.
  • Olederm soap composed of high molecular weight fatty acids which minimizes skin irritation.
  • It's mild enough to be used on both face and body.

Product Information 

 Olederm Mild Cleansing Soap Bar

Brand: Agnesia

Company: Apex Pharmacy
Key Ingredients: 7.5%. Liquid Paraffin
Net Weight: 100g / 3.53oz
Price: RM22.90 for triple pack
Where to buy: All Independent Pharmacies Nationwide.


 Thanks Agnesia for sponsoring another 20 trial size of Olederm Cleansing Soap bar to giving out for my beloved readers to try it out! I'm giving 5 lucky winners 4 pieces of the 15g Olederm Cleansing Soap Bar. 

How To Join

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remember to complete all the entries above. 

Terms & Conditions:
1. Contest starts from today until 31 October 2014, 12.00am
2. Opened to MALAYSIAN ONLY! 
3. The accounts you have enter must be 'Public', private account will be deemed void.
4. All entries are checked for accuracy and will be validated.
5. If your task has not been completed, your entry will not be counted and will be considered invalid. (Eg: Missing Comment)
6. A new winner will be regenerate if you're a winner who did not complete task.
7. Result will announce thru email and Winners will have 24 hours to respond before a new winner is selected.
8. Winners are requires to pay postage fee 

Good Luck! 

For more info: 
Website : www.agnesia.com.my


  1. I want to win Olederm Mild Cleansing Bar Soap because I need soaps that I can use to wash my body parts and yet it says suitable for dry and sensitive skin and the person is me! :)

  2. I want to win this because i want to try out this soap~~Look very nice

  3. i want to win this because koey intro d always is the best one !!!!

  4. I want to win Olederm Mild Cleansing Bar Soap because my skin is quite dry and I think only body lotion cannot improve my skin hydration. I wish to have smooth and hydration skin. Thank you.

  5. This sounds like such a good product! Great pictures!

    Hugs from Denmark x
    Mathilde | MATHILDE JULIE


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