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Jul 30, 2014

say HI to my new hairstyle

Annyeong, if you have following my instagram, i think you should know that I've cutted my hair short today afternoon :D I've considering such a long time about this, Should I Cut my hair short or Shouldn't? The main reason i want to have a new hairstyle, is I already bored with my long hair, besides that Malaysia is a very very hot country, i have to 24 hours tied my hair up, but at last i still getting sweat like hell, EW! Secondly, Long hairs made me looked older than my actual age, I just 19 years old okay, but strangers always thought I 23-25 years old, not dramatic, is true!  
You know that can be a hurts a girl, So I decide to get a new hairstyle! Was scrolling instagram looking for those pretty girl whose with short hair, OMG they are GORGEOUS! I wish to be 'em, they looked super good on short hairstyle, they can carry on! Cause lot of my friends say If girls want to look pretty with short hair, first your features must be perfect and your face shape must be super super V-shape, if not you will regret you cut your hair short. OR YOU COULD BE LOOK LIKE THIS 
after heard what my friend told me, i was like 
 So.. i was wonder, do I have a perfect face shape? Hmmm, but anyway I just do what I like, no matter what's the outcome, I will accept! But actually I quite nervous when I went to salon and waiting the hairstylist to come serve me. 
the last pic of my long hair, goodbye! 

BEFORE showing you my new hairstyle, let's see my selfie with long hair HAHAHA 
See, is it look like AUNTIE! My hair very messy and dry, cuz i lazy to take care them haha 


My hairstyle is kind like Bob hairstyle 


Surprise? Haha, i really cut my hair short! Did I look more younger than my actual age? please say YES 
I really love my new hairstyle, is made me look more younger hahahahaha! 
FINALLY LOOK YOUNGER! My friends is almost got a heart attack, cuz I really did it after a day i post on my facebook said that I WANT TO CUT MY HAIR! Totally surprise them haha! No wonder my short hair picture get almost 200 likes lol, anyway i really satisfied with my new hairstyle, how about you? Is that look good on me? :P

Enjoy Reading, Ciao 


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