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Feb 6, 2014

Chinese New Year 2014!

大家好 Gong Xi Fa Cai! How Y'all Doing? How you spend your CNY with your loved ones! Balik Kampung/Travel/Gambling/One Day Trip?! Chinese New Year is going to end, some of you might already back to work, but for me EVERYDAY IS HOLIDAY.. Honestly sometime I feel kinda Lucky, cuz my hometown are just located at KL, so I don't need to sit at car few hours to reach hometown till my ass pain, but is let me feel kinda sad too my hometown located KL so that means i don't have any place to go, lololol! I don't know you guys have same feeling with me not, I just feeling when we are getting older we are start to feeling CNY are nothing special anymore is quite boredom for me actually, I have no any plan for this CNY, mostly stay home or go out to have a Movie with boyfriend, but you know CNY everywhere also people mountain people sea no matter where I go, cinemas always FULLED dafuq? But anyway i still will share some of my CNY life to y'all even though i just went to few places! LOL Btw this post might be bit of long, because is so many pics i can't wait to share with you all, enjoy reading!  ♥

Cut off my long & messy hair before CNY! Just wanna get a fresh look!
Was very satisfied 'bout my new hair & color! The other thing let me felt so surprised everyone is like my new hairstyle!
My parents & friends are just told me the same thing, lol
Their all saying this hairstyle are more suitable for me, it made me look more younger, feel sven and temperament lol
WOLO Egg Benedict
After haircut, my sis and I are heading to Bukit Bintang! I just accompany my sis to shopping! And we are hungry like hell, so i brought her to my new fav place to high tea -- Tous Les Jours @ Bukit Bintang just opposite Lot 10 H&M!

Hakata Ippudo @ Pavilion KL 

while waiting for the food, the typical "fu him" (敷衍) pose hahaha! 

since i been begging my boyfie to bring me go try Ramens, cuz I am ramens fever! I really wish to try it once!
Some more pavilion it so many ramens outlet, and i don't know which the best, so i just simply walk in to the Hakata Ippudo, lol~
 Btw I've tried the Special Shiromaru Motoaji RM36.00

Boyfie's order! Nikumiso Tofu Salad

 Pavilion Decoration always grand and elegant! I remember I took these photos a week before cny. 
Is already decorative so many of Traditional Red Lantern / Horse decorative items
  Is attracts many tourist and local people went there to shooting!

 OOTD //
Top / Sungei Wang 6th Floor 
Botton / Brands Outlet 
Sling Bag / Mirracle 


 “正所谓越夜越漂亮,真是让我大开眼界 叹为观止”
We spent almost 1hours to reached destination from KLCC after finish watched the movie -- From Vegas To Macau!
 During the long road trip, i've take a nap in the car, pity boyfriend have to drive alone and keep looking on the phone, because we're using WAZE! :D
I think we reached there at 8pm and is already full parking everywhere, have to walk around 6mins path to reach the temple!
When we reached the temple you can hear so much of chinese new year song, beauty lantern, beauty decoration
 Okay, have to say that i were like a kid when i walked in through the temple i was like "WAH. BB YOU SEE!!! THIS DECO SO NICE HOR"
Is a Must to bring your camera! Because there is lot of nice decorations you might don't want to miss out!
Dong Zen temple is one of the main attractions in Malaysia especially during the month of Chinese New Year. 
Its huge landscape made it possible for huge decorations which I am about to show you here. 
For every of the Lunar New Year, FGS Dong zen Temple will be based on a different theme, 
zodiac design has become the most flashes, most dazzling, most bright place. 

Even tree also covered with twinkling lights and lanterns.

12 Zodiac  

 p/s: because is too much of people queuing to take photo,so i can't completely shoot the rest of 12 Zodiac animals

I bet You will be dazzled by all the lights in the temple :p

Its simply amazing by all the lanterns around the temple. Every corner of the place you will find one.

“爱情桥” Love Bridge 

 Cute Monk! 

 There are many statue all over the garden, goddess, monks, animals etc.

 the Buddhist pagoda 

 Another cute monk in lotus flower! 

 the way to the garden with full of light, lantern and flora

 Ferris Wheel 
Is kinda shock me, because i never thought that it will have ferris wheel inside the temple! Boyfriend and I were plan to sit on the ferris wheel and capture the whole view of FGS Dong Zen Temple! But too bad, is too much of peoples are queuing, is really horrible! So we have to cancel this thought :(
 Carousel 旋转木马
It attracts kid! :)

 Dong Zen temple in Jenjarom is really a worth visiting place. You will be amazed with the decorations and the exhibitions as well.
There is this wishing tree where you can hang you wishes on it.
 I can say this would be my fav decorations in entire temple! World of Oceans
With lot of Exquisite decorative, colorful lights, Marine organisms as major!

 Prayer Ribbons 

 许愿池Trevi Fountain,it cost RM10 To make a wish on lotus flower into lake

 there's lot of Marine organisms like, sea turtles, seahorses, coral, nemo, dolphin,starfish, seaweed etc

 Horse decorations is everywhere! 

 Since its the year of Horse, you just couldn't miss those out in the decoration list

 Paper umbrella covered with color lights, how charming!
 That night, the most awesome moment was the light in the garden would follow the rhythm of the music glittered in the sky. 
It was amazing, wonder how they did it. To be concluded, I had a great experience in that night :D 

We stay there around 1 hour, it getting more peoples around 10pm! So we decide back to KL and having supper! 
Is quite hot, better wearing casual outfit like vest and short pants that let you feel comfort, or maybe you can wear cheongsam if you like haha! Just don't wear any maillot it just will let you sweat every moment!
 Don't worry, there got lot of stall selling soft drinks, vegetarians food! you can go to grab some when you feel hungry/thirsty!


Okay, have to admitted that my CNY outfits are mostly from Brands Outlet, Mirracle & Miira Mew! 
These 3 shop are always my fav shop to shopping, variety of clothing styles, have fitting room, affordable price, good quality!  
Plus all of those clothes, accessories, bag etc are not over RM40! Sometime Brands outlet do have lot of Sales like BUY 1 FREE 1!
 Mirracle & Miira Mew is actually same shop, just Miira Mew is another new outlets on Pavilion, the clothes also below RM40!
FYI, BrandsOutlet & Mirracle are located at Fahrenheit 88, Miira Mew located at Pavilion 6th floor Tokyo street inside :)

Top: Miira Mew 
Legging: Miira Mew 
Shoes: H&M 
 Shades: Brands Outlet

Okay, so this is how i spend my CNY i know kinda bored, but hey! Better than stay home lo :( 
Btw i would like to spend more of time to accompany my parents during this CNY, is made me feel so warm!
How You Spend Your CNY? What the total you got from your angpaos! Come share lai :p 

Have a nice day people! Thanks for your reading,

Till then, with love! 


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