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Feb 23, 2014

Eat Without Getting Fat with Mr Dakgalbi @ Bukit Bintang

Last Wednesday I was invited by Jess the friendly girl to Mr.Dakbalgi the korean restaurant at bukit bintang for Food Review!
Firstly, i want to apologize for my late lol I am the most late to reach there, and when I arrived the event already start, cuz i thought the restaurant was located at LowYat Plaza Second Floor (like what i saw in my email)
But the shop aren't located at LowYat, is located at Bukit Bintang, somewhere behind LowYat! Anyway, please don't hate me cuz I'm going to post tons of food photo in this blog post, Let hungry together!!! No hate just love :p 

Firstly, let me show y'all the restaurant environment & deco

 in Korea, side dishes is a Must while waiting for main dishes, side dishes as a snack to bite XD 

 Finally the one of Main Dishes here, Mr Dakgalbi 닭 갈비! 
with hotategai sakamushi, which was prepared with fresh ingredients, ensures it's the finest taste!
The chicken is so yum, chicken meat is so tender! The secret recipe is pour milk over the chicken, then let the milk marinate with the chicken at least 2 hour in fridge, the milk will help chicken meat to be more tender and taste good! Tips by Mr John Ann (oppa) 

 Here is the Mr Dakgalbi Ceo, John Ann 
Oppa is a genuine korean, came malaysia like half year if I didn't remember wrong,
and Mr.Ann english are so talent, with fluent english speaking, okay Oppa english better than me I admitted! 

We are so lucky to have Oppa cooked 닭 갈비(Dakgalbi) for us, jinja 맛있는(delicious)

Another Extra Main Foods



I'm the person who does not eat spicy food, i can't stand for the spicy taste in my mouth!!
I've drank countless of ice lemon tea that day :x Although the food are spicy but Mr.Dakgalbi food 
Its menu content of Chilli powder that could:
1.      Effectively in preventing skin aging
2.      Help Reduce Weight
3.     Plenty of Vitamin A, B, and C that could reduce the stress by its spicy food.
AMAZINGGGGGGGGGG right!! So girls, you can eat as much as you can, because it won't gaining weight  :D 

 Mr Dakgalbi + Ramens, perfect match!!! Taste like heaven 

The food are not end yet!! HAHA 
After Mr Dakgalbi and Ramens! The next is Mr.Dak Fried Rice with cheeseeeeeeee  

After we done having our yummy foods, is time for Competition! 

Instagram Most Creative Caption & Twitter Marathon 
and the winner goes for
Yuh Jiun (Twitter Marathon Winner) & Lenna Yeen (Instagram most creative caption winner) 

Photo with girls 

Dayang, Yours Truly & Jess 



Group Photo
Displaying IMG_5066 (1).JPG


It was a great night and another experience for me tho, is another opportunity to let me met other bloggers, 
and luckily their are so friendly! And we talked so many and laugh all night, selca non-stop *girlbeinggirl*
Were so enjoyable my night with girls, and their services are nice & considerate 

Anyway, If you're Korean Food Lover, want to try Authentic Korean Cuisine, you wouldn't want to miss out this! 
Is a MUST to TRY out Mr.Dakgalbi! 

~Operation Hours~
Mon-Thur 11:30 am - 9:30 pm
Friday 11:30 am - 10:00 pm
Saturday 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Sunday Closed

 Contact: +(60) 362065567 

Location: Mr Dakgalbi , 61, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Near Low yat Plaza  Bukit Bintang.
& the most important Mr.Dakgalbi is 100% HALAL , you might invite your malay friends too!

See you on next blog post, 
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    1. Thank you babe! :D Hope to see you next time!

  2. I love korea food !looks ao delicious ♥


    1. Yea, me too! I love korea food too! Yummy yummy, you can go try out Mr.Dakbalgi!

  3. Wow, this is very good experience!

    1. You probably should go have a try! bet you will love it!

  4. looking back and reading this post. can't believe that only a year has passed since this event :P


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