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Feb 9, 2014

[TUTORIAL] Valentine's Date Simple & Quick Makeover!

Valentine's is coming!! Can't believe is only just 5 days left, so am going to show you the other of tutorial is about what my makeover for Valentine's Date with your other half! A simple and quick sweet look, guess what, pink is a must! Ok, i admitted i just trying to be lady 'cos my bf always asked me "B, WHY YOU DON'T BUY A DRESS? I seen you always wearing pants" (he hinting me he is already bored enough to saw me wearing short pants everyday, I guess) Alright, have considering 'bout this year Valentines would be our first valentine! Although every month got valentines, but this is the traditional valentines! I think I could make him little wish come true lol which he want to see me wearing in dress and acting so lady and gentle to have a dating with him like we first met! All right, nothing much can say anymore have to stop myself otherwise I can talk so many bullshit!

Let Begins!

FIRST, YADAH SUNBLOCK as my make-up base! 

 my favourite sunblock so far, which have 35PA++ to keep me out of the harmful sunlight & UV rays!

The next step > BB CREAM! 

 #prizes i won from Giveaway 

 I love to add some moisturizer cream into my foundation, so that i can make sure my face won't too dry 
 Just wanna make sure my makeup can stand for whole day long

 For myself, i just love to use makeup sponge to blend my foundation evenly! 
Plus sponge can absorb the rest of foundation, it just let your make up look more flawless


Ok, i know this method kind of weird, but I just love to use CC cream to instead using any highlighting product (cream/powder)..
 because i realized using any of highlighting product (liquid/powder) on my face, it just let my face look so oily and it block my pores!!!! HOW TERRIBLE! So i found out CC Cream which have shiny effect it do a very good job, plus CC cream can moisture and also can highlight up my features! Win Win! 

 Just apply CC CREAM on the area i marked up! 
Nose bridge, forehead, chins & eye area

 Maybelline Pure Mineral Concealer 

Use ring finger to blend all concealer away, i can say ring finger is would be my fav "makeup tool" is just blend all makeup very well

left: HeavyBrown eyebrow powder | right: cyber colors auto eyebrow pen
after draw the eyebrow with the shape you want, don't forget to color your brows too!

Contour & Cheeks
left: the Balm Bahama Mama | right: theBalm mary lou manizer
left: canmake | right: cyber colors

contour: side of nose, cheekbones, jawline
highlight: forehead,  brow arch, cheekbones, bridge of nose, cupid's bow, chin
blushes: add blush on between the highlight & contour shades

sponsored from www.Zenzendream.my
 1. shimmer beige 
2. light pink 
3. rose pink 
4. brown

1. apply shimmer beige eyeshadow all over my eyelid as base color
2. after that apply some light pink & rose pink eyeshadow on eyelid to create a sweet look *remember don't apply too much
3. use a angled brush and dip some brown color eyeshadow, and apply on lower lash line area 


1. use a cotton swabs to slightly pull eyelid, it help me more easy to apply eyeliner
just don't pull too hard, otherwise it just will harm our eyelid  
2. draw a droopy eyeliner and then just draw a line downward to lower lashline which symmetry with inner corner

Besides, For a more special eye makeup, i will add a pink eyeliner above on my black eyeliner! 
 because i don't have other colors of eyeliner pen except black, so i'll be using a lip crayon instead of eyeliner pen i know its sound weird! 
3. Dip some lip crayon with angled brush, and just add a line above on eyeliner

Last, don't forget to add your fav lip tint / lipstick! btw I using lip tint from Yadah

 So, whole face makeup are done! 

 couldn't go out with my messy hair, so let do something! The braid bangs i did is so called "One-sided braid" 
you can search on youtube if you want to figure how to do!

Dress & Knitted Jacket from Miira Mew 
Shades from Brands Outlet 

 Accessories / 
Shades: Brands Outlet 
Bracelet: sponsored from www.ROQueenShop.com.my  


Keep your hand, body moisturize!
People often worry about the appearance of wrinkles on their faces as they age, but what about their hands? 
Keeping your hands moisturized can avoid signs of aging. In fact, the skin on your hands ages more quickly than the skin on your face.
 It may sound surprising, but the lack of fat on the back of your hands leaves signs of the breaking down of collagen and elastin more noticeable. A smart hand care routine will also help to keep your hands looking young, in addition to keeping them moisturized
   H20 + Spa series birthday gift from beloved sis! 
Hand & Nail Cream, Hydrating Body Butter and Softening mint foot rub!

The last, A Must for Me!
 a charming scent! My fav perfume from Victoria's Secret Bombshell

So here is plan for the upcoming Valentine! It quite mess i know, btw hope you guys don't mind
because it took me almost 3days to write this blog post, plus some issues anyway it better than no,

 Happy Valentine Everyone! Whether you're single / in a relationship, do enjoy this special day!

Till then, xox  


  1. Awesome idea of using lip crayon as your pink eyeliner! Thanks for the tips babe <3


    1. Heh, you're most welcome babe! Glad you like it


  2. Great makeup! Love your hair! Would you like to follow each other on GFC, facebook and bloglovin to stay in touch? Let me know, thanks!


    1. Hi pretty, thanks for your stopping by! Visited your blog, quite love your outifts style! Sure, already follow your blog, bloglovin, GFC and facebook! Keep in touch, pretty :)


  3. Im in love with this post,Im impressed with the CC cream trick.Im gonna try it! http://azwaa.blogspot.com

    1. Glad to hear you like it, I really feel happy! Thank you with all love <3

  4. so nice! i like the fact that it is actually lip crayon there because its really funny to get myself a pink eyeliner ahah

    1. Haha, yeah it actually also can use lip crayon to apply.. couldn't afford to buy 3CE product which cost almost rm50 just for only an eyeliner :O

  5. Replies
    1. Yeah Yeah, suitable for the themes! HAHAHA Thank you!

  6. koeykoeeeeey! :D remember me or not~~~ from mr.dakgalbi! Hehehehe. I followed ur blog d! ^.^ Follow me tooooo hehehe www.yandrasap.blogspot.com.


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