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Feb 25, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Life Bring Me To The Sompoton Spa

Hey Girls, how do you spend your valentine's? I actually celebrate my valentine's in advance at The Sompoton Spa! Is a good place to relax, calm and release your stress! I'm having really good times, especially with this new awesome app that I'm going to share with you guys in this post. all thanks to this awesome app Samsung Galaxy Life, an app which Samsung has created to reward it's Galaxy users.

It's kinda shocked me, cuz Samsung Galaxy Life app know my name, once I logged in to this app, it introduced me with 7 key pillars of LIFE- 
Entertain, Live, Learn, Play, Connect, Work and Surprise.
 So you can choose which you are interested with, and start explore your deal 

I been using Samsung phone almost 4 years, but this is the first time I heard Samsung created a Apps to rewards for their users, 
Cuz till now as I know is no others phone brand are offering such a app to rewards for it users I can say I feel Proud of it!!
 Being proud of a Samsung Galaxy S4 user, I've download the free app -- Samsung Galaxy Life from Google Play and started searching for great deal, its really a great app for me tho, 
cuz you know Women love discount coupon, exclusive privileges and more, I can say GALAXY LIFE have all what you want/need! 

And while I searching for great deal, i accidentally saw the "Couple treatment Spa by The Sompoton Spa", which having promotions for Couple! Valentine's Package for 2 pax @ RM290 (worth RM760+)! Isn't it so worth?! Just click 'Redeem' button when you're at the counter then show the person in charge! And they'll take care the rest, Is that easy? ;) 
So let see what I've enjoyed at The Sompoton Spa 

Bathrobes and Disposal panties are prepared for us :)
Us after changed up the bathrobes and disposal panties, foot bath is waiting for us! yay 

 after a 25mins organic body exfoliator, and then is 15mins of Floral bath with jacuzzi! To be frank, 15mins of jacuzzi ain't enough for me! :( 

Is such an enjoyable day in Sompoton Spa, I can calm myself, enjoy the massage, jacuzzi, facial etc, their offered lot of services, all thanks for Samsung Galaxy Life App! A great app that reward and pamper us 

 The Samsung Galaxy Life app is your passport to exclusive privileges, 
app recommendations, sweepstakes, and expert interviews.
Galaxy Life Gives You:
-Daily deals with discount coupons (barcode, voucher)
-Selection and reviews of apps 
-Exclusive content from experts

With Samsung Galaxy Life, you will enjoy local and seasonal deals, app recommendations, expert interviews specially selected to match your interests. Whether you enjoy living it up, being entertained, learning, playing, connecting, your work, or being surprised, Galaxy Life has something for you.

Exclusively for Samsung Users, you can go download at 

There's many other deals and recommendations, and am hoping it'll come up with deals for travels and movies soon!

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