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Feb 26, 2014

[REVIEW] Eau Thermale Avène Cleanance Skin Care Range


Previously, I was invited to their Beauty Workshop to know more about their products -- Avene, 
I bet my girls readers must know this brand right? Is quite famous, i also used before is quite good! 
Btw below is few of my samples I got from the event for review, thus today i gonna share my opinion on these products below
 let get start it! 

Skin Care Range are for Oily, Blemish Prone Skin
Avene Cleanance Gel (FULL SIZE) 
Avene Cleanance Toner (Travel Size) 
Avene Cleanance Lotion (Travel Size) 
Avene Thermal Spring Water (50ml) 
Facial Mask 15 piece 



Avene Cleanance Gel 的扭转头设计,看得出很细心
我可以感受到这个洗脸液的成分很温和,用在脸上可以感到我脸很舒服 完全没有刺激感,
洗脸后很嫩滑 毫无紧致感觉 不会感觉脸部需要的水分都被取走。

Avene Cleanance Gel with twisting head design, I can see is a very thoughtful design
Just a coin size of amount, then placed the palm rub until bubbling and gently massage on face
I can feel the wash liquid ingredients very mild, I can feel very comfortable there is no irritation, no tight feeling after washing. 
I just feel very tender and moisture! 


这款Toner我也很喜欢,洗脸后毛孔会张开 这时候要用护肤水收敛毛孔和黑头 
这款Toner很凉爽,冰凉!不会像其他的护肤水 不是太粘稠,就是味道太重!Avene牌子的护肤品味道闻起来都很舒服~ 

I also like this Toner, after washed our face, our pores will open so at this time we must use Toner to shrink our pores.. 
prevent pores enlarge once pores enlarge you will get pimples!
The Toner is very cooling, is not like other brands Toner texture so sticky and the scent also heavy! 
Here the good thing about Avene skincare brand products, 
cuz their product ingredients are very mild for our skin, so no worries it will have breakouts or what! 

Step 3 > Lotion 

而且很保湿 让我的脸很Q弹!有时候我也会加Lotion + BB Cream一起,这样能让妆容更持久 而且也很帖服 

The Lotion texture contrast with previous product, the texture are bit stick,
 but after applied on the face, the lotion will so fast absorbed into face! And it makes my face is very moisturizing! 
Thus, I'll mixed lotion with BB cream, when I do my face makeup, it let my makeup more long-lasting!

Step 4 > Treat 
肌肤敏感的时候起颗粒红点 也能拿来舒缓肌肤!真的大爱!

The Avene Thermal Spring Water, bet you guys must be see lot of review on this product, 
so am not going say too much about this product, this product can use to calm down sensitive skin, 
or as a makeup setting spray, when I feel my skin dry i will spray it on my face to keep my face more hydrate.. 
it's so much of benefit in this product, how can I don't love? 

通常肌肤如果起敏感,我都会用温泉水湿透在Facial Mask然后敷在脸上镇静 

Usually when i have sensitive problem, i will use Thermal Spring Water and spray sufficient amount onto a clean paper mask, 
and after 15mins i can feel my redness are calm, and no more itchy feeling! 
Just can say Spring Water is really my weapon to against my sensitive skin no matter how many time i been used this it still works!

Avene家的产品真的很推荐大家去使用,因为有各种不同肤质的归类 所以你可以找到一个适合你自己的!

I really highly recommended Avene Skin Care product for those who having sensitive skin, dry skin or blemish skin problem like me! You can definitely find the right skin care product from choosing Avene, their absolutely have products that are suitable for your skin condition! No worries when using their product cuz their products ingredients are very mild for our skin
 I have Avene as my daily skincare routine now, how about you!? Let PAMPER your skin from Today 

*products are Avene gave me as door gift, just for review purpose

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