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Jun 21, 2013

Life of June

Oh hi dear! Like finally i have some idle time to blog, wootz! :) My recently life is still busy about working, eat, paktor (dating with le boyfie) and sleep (the most important) Lol.. My working life is so tired recently, so upset, and i decide to quit this job after i get my salary or maybe i will send out my resign letter soon. Because of some privacy reason, i just feel "they" treat me so unfair, but ... Dude please! THIS WORLD IS ALWAYS UNFAIR LA! Lol anyway, i still thinking when is the best timing to let me send out my resign letter, hmmm... But i can say is I won't do Sales Assitant after i quit this job! I realized that i really not suitable to be a Sales Assitant! I dont have a good Eloquence & ability to persuade to persuade every customers to buy my accessories, lol.. Such a tired things to Hit target every month and be friendly to customers.. you know what! I had been met lot of LANSI (which means is be cocky) customer in my this job, or maybe they thoughts themselves so PRETTY or they're holding a PR*DA/CHAN*L bags, so they think they can LANSI la.. lol f*ck off please, yeah you holding a branded bag cost RM7k ++, but doens't mean that you can look down on people BITCH :) But the sad things is You still need to SMILE to them, oh fml! OKAY I SHOULD STOP THIS TOPIC! TIME TO SHARE SOME PHOTO TO ALL OF YOU! :D

Boyfie & I went to watch AFTER EARTH on 7/6/2013
Vote: 8.5/10
This movie is quite nice actually :D
Both of us actually love to watch movie, we waiting so many movies released!
Like Monster University, World War Z, Man of Steel etc..

Location: Yakunika @ Pandan Indah
You must go and have a try! Taste not bad & Cheap :D 

With the love <3
Glad to have him came into my life, i'm a happy girl in a barbie worlds~ lol (jim, you know what im singing right? hahah)

I went to facial last monday. Is so pain!! :(
Have been 3years didn't facial, i gonna cry when she push my pimple out! I just feel i'm gonna hit the girl that moment.. lol
But now my face getting better and better, i'm so happy! :D
And of course i will share the BEFORE AND AFTER & Location on upcoming post! Just be patient to wait okay? :p

I also can be so chok! Sorry for my boredom, i really so boring while working LOLL HAHAHA : p

After facial, i must bring a masks to cover up my scars everyday..
everyone thoughts I am a monster, they think i'm weird.. loll shut up lo if you don't know anythings else  please zz

And our two months anniversary is coming  in this 28th! Ewww
I need to say sorry to you dear, even you don't like me to say sorry with you 
but.. i really unsure I can offday on that day or not, i dont know i can accompany you or not.. 
i really feel so sorry about this, let pray lol.. anyway you still are my best bf ever :-* 

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