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Feb 23, 2015

I Don't Want Crooked Teeth!

Alright, this post is all about my teeth it may included some disgusting photos of mine teeth, make sure you think twice before you are ready to watch this full article. Long long time ago, I had pretty teeth when I was still a child, after getting older my teeth are getting crooked I don't know why probably because I didn't take care my teeth carefully? However, this is ultimately dampens self esteem! I do not dare to smile in front of strangers or when group photo. You might want to see how my teeth look like currently. 

my incisor are super serious, is crooked!! This is why I scare smiling in front of people, my friend always told me I should go fix my teeth to look good.. but is way too expensive for my case, I asked before. While until I saw Nuffnang are hosting this contest, I was like "Why don't give a try? I might get a chance to fix my crooked teeth!" :D 

This is How I look like when I smile
Omg how embarrassing when I met my idol, but I cannot have a smile :( 

when my birthday, I really happy but because of my ugly teeth, urgh you know... 

all photos above I didn't show my teeth at all, i just simple give a "smile face" oh god my friend asked me, why you didn't look very happy? Gosh, is all because of my teeth, that's major reason makes me feel so insecure and low-esteem :( 

I believe everyone will be gorgeous / handsome with a neat teeth, and no more embarrassing / awkward feeling! God, please let me have back my bright smile and neat teeth! I don't want be poker face anymore! I want my confidence back #godblessme 

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