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Dec 15, 2014

Tiny Tea Teatox by Your Tea

If you are my loyal readers, I think you must notice that I am a Tea lover, I must drink a cup of tea every single morning after I wake up, it's warm up my body and boost my energy, I was lucky enough to be sent a 14 day Tiny Tea by Your Tea for reviewing purpose. Well, the thoughts in this post are all entirely my own.

Tiny teatox is different because it doesn’t contain any laxative effective ingredients. Its a healthy tea without laxative effects. This tea is also different because many teatoxes include a nighttime tea, and a daytime tea. This teatox comes with only ONE kind of tea to be taken twice a day, 30 minutes before or after eating. The packaging comes with 42 tea bags tucked nicely into a cute cardboard box with a welcome statement printed on the inside. 

Organic tea blend that will nourish and gently cleanse your digestive system. With each sip Tiny Tea unique ingredients will help to reduce bloating, remove toxins, improve energy levels and nudge away any surplus weight. The ingredients of TinyTea set to work in your body to maximize digestion and gut functionality.

From a TCM view point, we refer to the ‘gut’ as the spleen and stomach – and the relationship these two have with each other is what makes the magic of digestion happen. So the stomach is the ‘pit’ that the food arrives into and the spleen is like the organ that assimilates foods, draws out the essentials, sends the nutrients around the body to nourish and heal and the bad out to the bowel as waste. And when this is all happening smoothly, the body is happy – it assists in keeping our weight in check too – because if the bad is being sent out as waste, toxins can’t build up in our body.

Infusion Directions: 
Steep one tea bag in boiling water for 65-7 minutes. 

When To Consume: 
30 minutes before or after eating, twice daily. 

My thoughts: 

Day 1: I feel nothing, but I love the taste of the tea it's kinda like chinese herbal tea, it's boost my energy  

Day 5: I start feel Tiny Tea is control my appetite, I eat less than before I used to. And not easily getting hungry, well it's a good start to begin my 14 days teatox challenge 

Day 7: I start went to toilet often, bloating has gone down a bit, but still my appetite still lower, but I still got a lot of energy to cleanse up my room and film videos :P 

Day 14: The last day! Awww, I wish I have more tiny tea to drink, honestly I love this tea! The taste omg it's made me feel so great while drinking it, warm my body boost my energy, cleanse my digestive system, even though I not doing any exercise during this 14 days teatox, but I can feel my tummy has slim down a little bit, no more bloating problem and feel more healthier. Godddd TINY TEA IS SUPER GOOD. Besides, I didn't feel any stomach clamps or any side effects, this tea is not a laxative! Okay it does contain several ingredients that have laxative qualities, but they are not in huge doses that basically reduce bloated-ness by ejecting everything out of body, so don't worry! Your Tea is very safe :) 

Lastly, I have lost ton of bloat while drinking Tiny Tea. I am so sorry I didn't take before and after photo, because my weight machines is broke. Depends on personally, maybe some peoples not feeling well while drinking this tea, or maybe they have stomach clamps or whatsoever, but for me nothing happens. I feel so great, and I still drinking this tea every single morning and nighttime before I bed. To cleanse my body and solve my bloating problem. 

If you are interesting to try Your Tea, check them out Here 
 You can see a lot of Tips and Recipes on their website. Good Luck 

*this product is sponsored, but all opinions is are certainly on my own.

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