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Dec 6, 2014

Agnesia Baby Lotion Review

Hello sweetie, today is another post about Agnesia Product since last time they sponsored me Agnesia Shower soap and today is Agnesia Extra Gentle Extra Care Baby Lotion. Before start, I would like to tell you some facts. My whole families had very dries skin inherited from my mother, which is very seriously dries skin I mean seriously, my mom even have crack on her leg like snake skin (you can go google if you don't know what that) Till then, I can't simply buy any body lotion at market, I always try them before I buy. Ofcourse is not getting cheat by those slogan which say it will moisture up to 24 hours blahblahblah. Again, I ALWAYS TRY BEFORE I BUY. A good body lotion, most important thing is the texture cannot be STICKY, secondly it must be Moisturizing but Refreshing. I really don't like those body lotion which very sticky, made me feel so uncomfortable, feel like it clogged my skin pores.  Well, Agnesia Baby Lotion don't have this problem! The texture is very rich and creamy but not sticky! I can feel my skin is very smooth and soft! Agnesia Baby Lotion is suitable for Adults, Kids even baby!

It smells like baby powder! 

The lotion texture is very silky, fast absorb leave no sticky feeling on surface! 70f87f7e354dc60510ceffc5c4da61f6_w48_h48
I not simply accept product review from any company, I always check the product isn't it really suitable for me, and after received those product I will take 7-14 days, to try out the products isn't it really good, and does it really works like description told? Otherwise, I will not wasting my time to write a blog post about it, unless the product is used my own money to purchase. Frankly, I personally think Agnesia Baby Lotion moisturizing levels is quite impressive. It does moisturised my skin, you can refer above picture. If the baby lotion come with SPF I think will be perfect ;) 

Even my little bro love to use Agnesia Baby lotion! Kids don't lie, duh. Honestly, this body lotion is belong to him now, he always apply very thick lotion on his hand and leg before he go to bed. If you are interesting to try out this body lotion or for your kids, you may go to:

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