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Dec 18, 2014

Perfecto Cafe

Last saturday I was invited to Fikcles to attend Perfecto Snacks event, Are you potato crisps lover?!?!?! Raise your hands up!! Honestly, I am a freaking potato crisps lover!! I almost eat potato crisps everyday lol, I'm so happy to attend this event you know! Hahaha my favorite potato crisp, Perfecto Snacks is potato crisps brand that emphasizes on fresh garnishing with sensational flavours. The brand has 3 flavours – natural sea salt, sour cream and chives, chilli and spice infusion. Without Further Ado, let get started

 Yes you have to pay RM3.50 before that you customize your own crisps with different dippings, but i am going to tell you, it's worthy!  
Perfecto Snacks Bar 

 Choose your dip sauces! 

Oh my crisps! There are 3 flavors available: Natural Sea Salt, Chilli & Spice Infusion and Sour Cream & Chives, my personal favorite is Chilli & Spice! The potato crisps is super crunchy and spicy, is super tasty!
Garnish: Sweet Corn, Sliced Mushroom, Parmesan Cheese Powder, Parsley Flakes and Chilli Flakes 

My customized perfecto crisps with Natural Sea Salt and Parmesan Cheese Powder! I prefer without any dipping, because it's already taste good on it's own! If you are cheese lover, of course you can add Parmesan Cheese Powder to make it taste more better! 

You know what? To enjoy the snack bar experience, buy a serving of Perfecto chips at the cafes for RM3.50 to enjoy unlimited dippings of your choice! For one month (13th Dec – 9th January), everyone can try the Perfecto ‘snack bar’ experience in cafes, so pop by anyone of the following cafés near you: 

1. Wood & Steel (Halal) 17th Dec onwards

2. Fikcles (Halal)

3. Roast & Grind (Halal)

4. 42 East (Non Halal)

5. Dukes & Duchess (Non Halal)

Last but not least, Perfecto Snacks are also having Instagram Contest! The Perfecto Snack Bar will be available at the abovementioned cafes from 13 December 2014 to 9 January 2015. Drop by these cafes to customize your Perfecto crisps with a variety of garnishings and sauces. 

For one month, Perfecto will be picking three lucky fans every week to receive a carton of Perfecto crisps each! If you want to stand a chance to win a carton, here's what you have to do: 

1) Take a picture of yourself enjoying Perfecto crisps at one of the cafes mentioned above. 
2) Upload that picture to Instagram with the hashtag #Perfectochips

This is my group food art at the contest! With Perfecto Crisps! That's all for today, till then see you in next post 

Instagram: @perfectosnacks 


  1. whattttt now they got their own cafe too? wow! lol something like magnum ya! haha

    Zalora Pop-up Store!

  2. awww you're so cute (>w<) <3
    It's the first time I saw snack bar with chips like this :o So funny!!!


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