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Dec 5, 2014

食客韩式自助烧烤(Ssikkek Korean Grill BBQ Buffet) @ Kepong

Kimchi Lover, please raise your hands up! Almost half a year I been begging Mr.Y bring me to eat Korean Grill BBQ, slobber, envy, craving everytime when I scrolling Instagram and saw my friends went to Korean Grill BBQ!! It's looked so delicious :( And... FINALLY Mr.Y agreed bring me to try!!! OMFG I was like AM I DREAMING NOW? Of course, I not simply go to a korean grill bbq restaurant, I went to googled and do some research if not I will get shot by mr.Y why bringing him to eat something rubbish yet expensive food -.- After researching, I found out the most attractive Korean Grill BBQ restaurant that I wanted to try it out! Taaadaaa, is the Ssikkek Korean Grill BBQ Buffet restaurant, YES IS BUFFET combined with KOREAN GRILL BBQ!! Slurrrrp!?! And it's only RM19.90 for Lunch Buffet! Wtf is so freaking cheap. without further ado let get started my very first time Korean Grill BBQ Buffet Journey (lol) 

喜欢吃泡菜的朋友们举手!!大概半年前就一直吵Mr Y带我去吃韩式自助烧烤了,每次看Instagram看到朋友去吃韩式烤肉都流口水啊!!
终于前天Mr Y说要带我去吃韩式烤肉啦!!我的天啊 整个是超兴奋状态d8f909e4a8e6d224b7e67446eef5ea84_w48_h48
立马爬起来去电脑google KL哪里有好吃韩式烧烤,结果都是这间食客韩式自助烧烤最多咨询啊!
于是就推荐了给Mr Y看看,他说没问题耶 而且自助的哦 下午去吃才RM19.90 
当然我也不是那么容易被骗上车的哈哈哈 去之前,我可是搜索好了资料看人家的推荐Recommend 我才决定去吃的哦!

It took us 45 mins to reach the destination because of raining, so we stuck in traffic jam quite long time, but never mind!!! We reach our destination at last!!

Mr Y十二点45分就来载我,心情整个是兴奋到极点!!

The decorating is very simple and clean, which I very surprise! Luckily is not that much crowds when we reached there, maybe because is weekdays and is afternoon, well after selected our seat Mr.Y and I were like a cheetah chase for food!! Because we are MEAT LOVER!!! Damnyuh.

装潢简单,也没夸张的装饰 餐厅里面蛮干净的哦!
放下包包立马去看有什么吃的东西了 因为我和Mr Y都是肉食动物啊!

Here are the FOOOOOOOODS! Chicken, Beef, Pork has Spicy & Non Spicy, but for me is nothing difference their foods is over sweet for me.. which I quite disappointed on it.. Apart from meat, there are still a lot of Vegetable, Sausages, Preserved Foods (Kimchi/Carrot), Seaweed soup and Rice Cake, For the beverages it only have 3 Option, is quite less for me though, Hot Water, Mango and Lychee Juice.

食物我觉得蛮OK的,不错 都是一些韩式的食物(废话?)
鸡肉,牛肉,猪肉 都有分为不辣 不过对我来说都没分别 都很啊 

Time to EAT!!! Honestly the taste of foods is not bad, but those meat is just too sweet.
烧烤的声音好好听啊啊~~~卡~兹~卡~兹~ 70f87f7e354dc60510ceffc5c4da61f6_w48_h4870f87f7e354dc60510ceffc5c4da61f6_w48_h4870f87f7e354dc60510ceffc5c4da61f6_w48_h48
肉都快速烤熟啦!我觉得味道是不错啦,都有韩式的味道 不过毕竟店里都是外劳在做
虽说韩国的食物大多数都甜 不过我觉得腌制的太过甜了 吃多了会很腻 

Highly recommend SEAWEED SOUP & KIMCHI, is freaking nice!!!! But, the korean pancakes is taste super bad, like you eating flour, taste nothing :(
 紫菜汤的话呢,我觉得很好喝哦 !如果不是我太饱 我一定喝多几碗 哈哈 11a9bce1dae97b15eea1937da645ed26_w47_h4711a9bce1dae97b15eea1937da645ed26_w47_h47
然而,泡菜我觉得也是非常好吃的!这个韩式Pancake我觉得不好吃 可能冷了的关系

About the services, I very satisfaction, Waiters will helping you to replace a new "oven" when it scorch, you doesn't need to ask waiters to do. They will automatic help you change when they notice the "oven" is scorch.

我觉得服务是不错哦, 服务员都会一直帮你更换烤炉 只要他看到你的烤炉烧焦了
 他就会立刻和你换新的烤炉 这点我觉得不错哦!

My first experience on Ssikkek Korean Grill BBQ Buffet, so far ok but I will not going second time, maybe after a very very long time? When I craving for Korean BBQ again? But not shortly. Because I feel like those meat is destroy the taste like seriously, is too sweet. So far other foods is not bad, RM19.90 for a person, you can eat as much as you can, where you can find other BBQ Buffet at only RM19.90? I means literally, at KL? Maybe you should pay a visit if you're interesting and wish to try Korean Grill BBQ Buffet, Ssikkek is not a bad choice, worth to try :)

 第一次体验食客韩式自助烧烤So far ok,不过不会再去第二次 
除非可能过了很久一段时间 想吃就会去吃,不过短期内不会
因为肉类真的腌制的太甜了,对我而言 不过对Mr Y而言不错吃 
其他食物我觉得不错 一个人RM19.90 而言我觉得是不错的了 
RM10 will be charged per 10 grams wasted food
 浪费食物是不对的哦 ,所以浪费食物的将以每100克罚款RM10 1380598734-12652492471380598734-1265249247

营业时间 Operate Hour: 

每个星期一休息 Close Every Monday
午餐时间 Lunch    = 11.30am - 3.00 pm
晚餐时间 Dinner   =  6.00 pm - 11.00 pm

价钱 Pricing

午餐 Lunch: 
大人 Adult RM 19.90 Nett
小孩 Kid   RM 14.90 Nett

晚餐 Dinner: 
大人 Adult RM 39.90 Nett
小孩 Kid   RM 24.90 Net

RATE 评分:★★★☆☆
Ssikkek Korean BBQ Buffet Restaurant
21, Jalan Rimbunan Raya 1,
Laman Rimbunan,
52100 Kepong,
Kuala Lumpur.

Tel : 03 - 6242 1572 (Recommended reserve)


  1. ssikkek really means 食客?wow! lol
    anyway quite affordable leh!
    korean food lovers definitely love it!
    unfortunately i dont think i see any korean buffet in penang.

    1. I think? Cuz i googled Ssikkek, is come out 食客
      Yeah is affordable, but the food for me is too sweet! You should come to pay a visit if you come kl :D

  2. Don't they hv those meat without marinade? Those should be no sweet rite? Lunch so cheap compared to dinner? Lunch less item?


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