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Apr 5, 2014

Blogger Makeover Collaboration w/ Makeup Artist Fibiee Liew

In lately, I had collaboration with Fibiee Liew, the Makeup Artist for Makeover session with blogger, is very fun and enjoyable!
Before I start sharing my experience in this program, just enjoy yourself reading k, cuz is many photo I gonna upload here :)

Morning 9am already arrived Fibiee's house for setting my makeup and hairdo, my gosh just ignore my tired face okay?
Cuz I stay up so late that day and only slept 2 or 3 hours my gawd i just so exhausting! But there's nothing can beat me down
'cause is my first time collaborated with makeup artist, i think it will be fun i just being so nervous and happy like a kid, Haha

Before starting any makeup, my tired face 
At here, I feel want to say sorry to Fibiee, cuz that day i brought wrong memory card, is crashed!!! 
All photos I took is gone, Like almost 30 photos disappear, is freaked me out that moment but luckily my camera have WIFI,
 I can keep taking photos and auto share to my phone, luckily there's still got some remain photos here! 

Finished with foundation, cover and brows

With Eyeliner, and Eyeshadow 

Hollah! Eyelashes does made my eye look more energy! Doesn't it? :) 

Contouring & Lips, and face makeup were done! :D 

I just love my makeup that day, the foundation is very light, but it also cover up my imperfection like acne scars or dark spot,
and also the eyeshadow is so gorg! The eye makeup let me look more energy, and whole makeup does let me look more pretty also!
Definitely like what Fibiee said, to make others look more pretty! 

The next, Hairdo 

Fibiee is so talent, she used 35minute to finish my makeup and hairdo! How good if I can do my makeup and hairdo as fast as she did!
I always spending lot of time on makeup and hairdo! She's really a talent makeup artist, fast service but come out great! :D 

After done my makeup and hairdo, is time for Photo Shoot! Our photo shooting located at Flat White,
To be frank, is been so many years I didn't being a model, you know la my body shape sibeh fat and very lansi when i not talking! Plus i am a camera shy.
But in this photo shooting session, I very relax and enjoy during photo shooting, just calm myself and pose whatever the photographer request.. all thanks to the photographer haha!
Let see the outcome of me during the photo shooting 

 for more photos you can see on: CCC Capturing Moments

About Fibiee Liew 
I was a beauty consultant before I become an aspiring self-taught makeup artist. I've been applying the skills that I have acquired on various platforms such as on casts of stage productions, print ads, beauty pageants, famous authors, celebrities, wedding events, photo shoots, fashion show and etc. At the same time, I also have a beauty blog where I share my passion about makeup through beauty reviews, tutorials and tips. 

Makeup is my passion. Therefore, I dedicate all that I have, know and learned into making others beautiful with this set of skills that I humbly have. To me, I yearn to bring out the beauty of someone with makeup as it helps to enhance an individual's beauty, by going with the simple motto that I have in life that "Everyone is uniquely beautiful in their own ways." Therefore, to me. Makeup is a beauty enhancement, not to act as a masquerade to cover.

Makeup Services: 
Day/Night | Bridal | Photoshoot/stage | Creative | Events | Special Occasions

Cosmetics brands she use:
Chanel, Bobbi Brown, Lancome, Urban Decay, Make Up Forever, Inglot, Shu Uemura, Stila, Maybelline, 
Cyber Colors, L'Oreal, NYX cosmetics, IPKN New York, Coastal Scents, Kate, Definite 

1) Future In Neon - 1st Runner Up
2) The Fashion Guru Competition - Champion
3) FHM Circ De Moda - 2nd Runner Up

If you looking for a Friendly & Talent Makeup Artist, you should contact Fibiee! 
Do email her to know about the rates  

Fibiee Liew - Makeup Artist 

Hope you guys enjoy reading, xox!


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    1. ikr :p I also wish i could done my makeup like her do!

  2. love the last shot! :) Fibiee's skills never fails! :)

    1. I love too! Yeah, just love how Fibiee done my makeup <3

  3. Replies
    1. Heh, i like these shots too! All thanks to the makeup artist and the photographer! :D


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