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Apr 30, 2014

[REVIEW] Japan Gals VC+ nanoC Mask

Ever heard a mask that can apply on our skin daily?
Now you can apply facial mask everyday from VC+ nanoC Mask from Japan Gals
A daily mask with luxury beauty essence for healthy and younger looking skin. 
The anti-aging formula contains Vitamin C that helps prevent the formation of dark spots and freckles due to sunburn. 
The Nano-sized collagen helps to create more collagens that drives deeply into the skin for wrinkle treatment and nourishment. 

The Packaging 

Daily Use Mask, For firmer, Clearer and more supple skin 

No Fragrance, No Color, No Mineral Oil 

Outside packaging is with English and inside packaging is Japanese language

 It is a moisturizing pack which combined features of vitamin C products and nano collagen.
Penetrate to your skin (stratum corneum) to prevent stain freckles caused by the sunburn,
leading to fresh bare skin with the moisture, smoother skin :)
And the cotton mask sheet is very slight, i can just feel my skin were so close to the mask and easy to absorb!
 Before apply VC+ NanoC Mask my skin is dull and pores problem 
Yes it comes with a eye mask too, so you can just lay on bed while apply mask, 
just apply 5-10 minutes and peel off doesn't need to rinse off,
massage to let the remain essence more fast absorb to skin,  after that just apply daily skin care 

 After a short 10mins treatment, i can felt my skin more firmer than before, and my skin were definately brighter than before!
My skin like full of water and collagen, is so nourish! I love to apply VC+ NanoC Mask before putting my makeup on,
it just let my makeup more long lasting and more comfortable! 
I've taking the 30 days VC+ nanoC mask challenge to have a more supple skin, are you gonna start too?
Let be more beauty together  

RM65 30 pieces of mask inside 

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