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Apr 8, 2014

Ecoparadise Antioxidant HotBed Therapy

 Hello peepo, before i started I would like to say big thanks to The Butterfly Project for let me got the chance to try Antioxidant Hotbed Therapy!!! OMG I just in love with it, cuz is good for our body! Want to know about Ecoparadise Antioxidant Hotbed Therapy? Let's start :D
EcoParadise Supervisor was explained for us what Ecoparadise Antioxidant Hotbed is, and what's good for us, blah blah blah!

Besides, i would like to show y'all something exposed in the environment for month ago, or maybe few years ago! Is amazing you can see pictures below, because of antioxidant effect, the eggs, bread just dry and became sclerosis but not smell at all!

 The egg has kept for over 2 years! But no stink or any weird smell, HOW AMAZING 
This more amazing what, is a bread kept for over 2 years but didn't get any rot! As you know, normally bread can't even kept over 1 week, 
bread will mildew, but as you can see here the bread is still look fresh,and ofcuz can't eat! It became stiff! 
 Left side is not rusted because it is using the antioxidant semen to built with!

Before starting our 40mins Antioxidant Hotbed Therapy. but first let me take a selfie 

Our room is Lavender with 42 degree 

During 40mins Antioxidant hotbed therapy, to be frank I'm the person who can't stand for hot weather, 
I am easy to sweat, i just want go somewhere have air-conditioning, you can imagine i'm like in hell in that 40 mins T_T 
But i still bear for it, because is good for body!!! 

AFTER 40mins of Antioxidant Hotbed Therapy! Sweat like no tomorrow, i can felt my body is relaxed and fresh! And also burned calories! HAHA! 
And we have to drink ENYZME to boots up our body metabolism! 

15 mins after, you can go to bath! The soap is all natural ingredient with no fragrance and bubble! 
Definitely want to buy this when I go visit Ecoparadise again! 
Because i love how this soap gave my body smooth and soft like a baby skin :D 

with Jacqueline 


Ecoparadise @ The Gardens Mall
Lot FF-229, 5th Floor, 
The Gardens Mall,
Mid Valley City Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: (603) 2287 4019
Fax: (603) 2287 3019

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  1. best nyaaa. Im so jealous okay. huhu.

    dont forget to visit my latest post and leave some comments ya!


  2. bestnya, lucky you all to experience the hot bed :) i was invited but had to cancel due to unforeseen circumstance. hopefully next time i can join ^_^

    1. Yeah, mieza! I hope we can meet on future event! :D

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