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Feb 19, 2013

CNY 2013

Holla peeepo! Like finally i was back to blogger life! Hehehe :p Let's blog bout how my CNY! Quite bored LOL~ PHOTO TIME! (cuz i lazy to write too much lol) 

Nian 30 年三十晚 #instagramphoto

Went to relatives house at Puchong that day! Get my first angpaw from my uncle! hehe <3 
If you are Chinese, and religion in Buddhism you must ate VEGETARIAN FOOD during New year's eve am I right? hehe 
i'm not sure isn't all “Buddhismian"  la. but my relatives is prepared VEGETARIAN FOOD :O 

Went to Puchong Aeon  took Photo Sticker with cousins hhehe! :p

Nian Chu 1 年初一
The first day of CNY must wear ANG ANG!! WAHAHAH 
Photo with my dearest grandma! Chok granny ever!! <3 
祝你身體健康,永遠那麼漂亮 婆婆

Simple outfit & light makeup 

In love with Studs cap! heheh :D 

My hairdo of the day, cute enough right? AHHAHA 
my mom said like aliens -.- hmmm 

Nian chu 2


Nian Chu 4

Nian chu 4 going out with papa!!!! I've expect this day so long time ago!!! 
Long time never meet papa, and i can MEET him like FINALLY :-* 
We went to Pavilion, Fahrenheit & Starhill shopping! Here's what papa bought to me 

from left: Fahrenheit 3rd floor Mirrocyle clothes/legging,
Sephora Orange Lipstick RM45 (superb love orange color of lipstick! Popular Candy Color this year
Fahrenheit ISQUARE Paris Watch & Bracelet
Pavilion MANGO basic tee! (new design) 

Funny pic with dad hahah! DAD is acting blindman lol~ :o 

After Nian Chu 4, i've no place to go anymore 
go watch I LOVE HONG KONG 2013 with brother during cny,  or tea/beer/singk w/ buddy 
during cny i kept go out in midnight with buddy -.- super tired zzz 
everyday slept till evening only awake, like motherfucka. as you can imagine how tired am i~ LOL :(
Luckily i had graduated since last year, if not I sure i can't wake up to school, gg.com 
Beer session with buddy at In-house Pandah Indah

This year angpaw less than my youngest brother, i can't accept this fact!! LOL 
but at least i have RM300+ (less like hell, dad not yet give angpaw to me) 
but anyway i had an unforgettable CNY! 
and i gonna spent my angpaw money on TAOBAO! WAHAHA I already order lot of stuff on TAOBAO
Kkk, promise you all after my Taobao stuff reach, i will share bout those stuff that i bought okayy? :p 
I have to stop here, wish you all have a unforgettable & happy lunar new year! Enjoy!! <3

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