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Dec 9, 2013

Review: Nail it with Bloop!

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I supposed to received this parcel on Saturday, but I missed the postman, so ya I go Poslaju to collect my parcel today morning, I was thinking Did I Buy anythings Online? No one told me will sent me a parcel, i was so considering who sent me the parcel with the nervous and surprise mood, haha :D  And since I collected my Parcel, Ohhh!! IS HISHOP! OMG is so surprise, thanks Hishop!

What in inside?

Another Surprise! Is Bloop! Awww got two nail sticker and one nail polish!

Nail Polish ❤

this color is looks so sharp, something like Orange mixed with golden? :D

Nail Polish, Quick Dry, Ultra Glossy, Long Lasting

I less to polish my nail, so how about this time? Does the color suitable for me? Hmm actually I not a nail-art lover,
 because I got a bad habits. I BITE MY NAILS. So this the reason why I didn't get any manicure / pedicure like other girls do :x

Nail Sticker ❤
Got two nail sticker in the box!

Happy Face Toe Sticker? :O However, I LIKE THIS! 

It come with a Nail File!

Choose the best strip size for each nail 

Take out the Nail File 
Align & Place the nail strip on to the nail round edge facing cuticle, 
using a nail file to file off the excess strip in a downward motion

 Anyway, this is my ever first time to tried nail sticker, not bad! 
Its Fast & Easy to use for Beginner! A Sheer Protection to Nail from breaking, 
No Chemical & Alcohol content, Super Thin & Realistic on Nail and No Drying Time!


bloop Website: http://www.bloop-bloop.com/
bloop Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bloopinc
bloop Instagram & Twitter: @bloopcosmetics
bloop Outlet: Sunway Pyramid LG Floor Lot 1.65


You can also purchase it on www.HiShop.my

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