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Apr 21, 2013

DIY Transparent Eyelids Tape ♥ ( Video )

 ♥ Hey guys, i'm back! Today i gonna share a tutorial is HOW TO MAKE TRANSPARENTS EYELIDS TAPE! 
Let's watch the video below:


Remember watch in 480p :)

Did you spot the difference??
♥Left is Transparent Eyelids Tape And Right is Normal Eyelids Tape♥ (Japan Brand)
Don't waste your money to buy those eyelids tape anymore! You can DIY by yourself!!
Don't worry the eyelids tape will obvious or when you close your eyes will see the eyelids tape! No Worries!
Is super TRANSPARENT! Even you used FLASHLIGHT to take photo! I Guarantee :)

 SO WHAT YOU WAITING FOR?!  Is super easy! Just need to prepare:

Transparent Tape 


 Just cut the size  & shape what you want, just follow your preference and your eyeshape.
If you want an eyelids like Foreigner you can cut coarse and large a bit to make your eyelids more deep! :D

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
This is my very first video tutorial, this idea is from me.
I think is not bad, so i decide to sharing this good things to all of you
 i know the video is quite short.. and hope you guys won't mind it
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Thanks you guys for watching this video! I really so appreciate!
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