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Jun 24, 2012

Freelance Working Day 23/6/12

LOL STOP IT! Do you know what i say? I'm said:
Hey nice to meet you all :D (translate from Google haha)

Hey all lovely readers, today i gonna blog about yesterday my Freelance working day at Midvalley & The garden.. Is JOY and FUN! Let's start it.. 

I already wear like this, why those strangers still think me is 19 years old? Tsk tsk
Do i really look old? I'm just 17yo this year kay? STOP HURT ME :( 

This is the uniform for the job. is cute! Looks so japanese right? :p

 We need bring this one cute monkey while we working.. 
He's the 1 of reason let so many strangers keep look on us! WTF 

This is one of my colleague, sorry i forget her name :x 

Do you trust she already 25 years old?!!?! And she have a 2 years old child. 
WTF, she doesn't look like 25yo! And she is so cute, she's look like 15/16 years old right?
I stand her side i just look like a giant! Oh mai gawd. btw she so friendly! <3 

The HULK is so cute! Mama wanna bring you home, but why you so expensive? :'( 

Captain America! Another cute doll!!! MAMA WANNA BRING YOU HOME <'3 

The phone pluggy "Ju bat gai". Cute right? is my company one of Free gift! I grab it home :p

This job is really lot of fun! Although while we working, is lot of strangers keep look at us! And someone asked us isn't it come from Japan! What a funny question Zzz! The job is so relax, keep shopping no need do anything, and just need capture 100 photos! 
Is easy job to "Narcissism Queen" like us, keep non-stop captured although already over 100 photos company needed! :p But btw i'm just so enjoy it, and company is pay all what we eat and drink! And fetch us go work and back!

I gonna hardworking for next week, coz i will work again and successive work 3days! But haven't know the location, and have new uniform again! *Excited* Oh yey~ 
Sorry for less photos in this post, coz all photos in my leader phone! Aww, hope you guys don't mind it. 

This is my very first time Freelance job and..
I totally know how hard my father everyday work, Earn money is Hard but waste money is easy
i finally know how the feel is, want to earn money is need waste lot of sweat and perseverance!
 From now on i will learn to save money, and don't random waste my father money to buy some useless things!
Coz is really hard to earn money nowadays! I wanna treasure my dad,
he's really a good father in this world. I LOVE HIM 
when i was 15yo. Dad, thanks you for always stay with me.

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