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Jan 18, 2016

Silk Road | The Oriental Art Of Blending

Remember my previous post about Silk Road? Well I was invited to their event last Saturday @ Metal Bee's. Silk Road, which showcase how eastern culture influences the modern world today. I felt so lucky to get invited to know more about Silk Road. Without Further Ado, let's get started.

Sandy, dressed up in CheongSam to attend Silk Road. Well you can spot behind Sandy, there's are few beautiful paintings of Chinese Descent. Furthermore, I felt like back in time, because my blogger friends are actually dressed in traditional outfits! Too bad, I don't have any traditional outfits to wear, I dressed up in red dress instead. Kind of CNY feel.

 While waiting other guest to arrive, the lounge area has few activities were placed around us to let us get to know more about the Eastern Culture. The first and the most rave activities which makes all the guest busying taking photos and impress us the most. Chinese Rainbow Calligraphy, where an master calligrapher drew out guests' names using animals and sign, those animals has difference meaning, master drew my name with Dragon (Powerful), Fish (Prosperity), Singing Bird (Happy Life), Butterfly (Beauty). He is indeed very talented, such a beautiful work isn't it? 

photo credit to Samantha 
The second part is The Art Of Tea Making, honestly I used to drink tea every day but for lazy people like me I use tea bag instead of follow steps and requirements, I never knew there are actually steps and requirements to follow to make a perfect tea until I went to this event. Oops, this is really amazes me a lot!

After the rest of the guest arrived, we were ushered into the dining area, I love how their decorated the place especially the pretty kinetic ornaments which floated up and down from the ceiling. Not to mentioned, I pretty enjoyed the Chinese Classical Band and Traditional Chinese Music which makes the whole place felt more Eastern. 

In addition, Diana Liu singing in classical Chinese songs to entertain us while enjoying our dinner. 

Entrée One
Scallop, Calamari, Citrus. Mints and Petals. A total sensorial experience that refreshes from smell to taste in an Aromatic, Creamy and Smooth. The scallop is so fresh and juicy! 

Entrée Two
Green tea salmon 40, smoked cucumber, texture of potato and green beurre Blanc. A fresh and delicate experience that is balanced with the taste of refreshing, fragrant and floral. This was my personal favorites among all the dishes served. The salmon is so fresh and succulent. 

Plat Principal
Cordyceps chicken on chlorophyll carpet, porcini mushrooms and pares de riz. A balanced, crisp with a clean after taste that lingers on the palate. This dishes taste very special compared with other dishes, its woody and bittersweet taste. 

Last but not least, Dessert 
Plum, Cheese, Chocolate and Basil. As first, I thought it will taste weird, but after I tried omg this is so delicious! The plum with cheese just match perfectly. Although I start feeling full, but you know what we got two stomachs especially girls! One for FOOD, One for DESSERT! 

Thank You Chef James Won and Enfin Culinary Team for putting so much effort making such a oriental fine dining for us! Is so delicious and unforgettable! With carefully selected ingredient, oriental art of blending with enhanced ritual of perfection.

Lastly, group selfie with bloggers! Thank You Silk Road for the invitation, this is such a special journey for me yet another special experience at starting of 2016! Thank you for giving me an unforgettable oriental night! 


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