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Oct 14, 2013

[ADV Review] Majolica Majorca Cream Pencil Liner ♥

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Hey sweetie, sorry for my super late review of this Cream Pencil Liner from Majolica Majorca @ Shiseido! Thanks Jo for giving me this chance to review some of Shiseido products, and here is the first product I want to review! :D

Cream Pencil Liner ♥ 

How it does look like?! 

Shade in BR611 

Honesty, this is my first time using Cream Pencil Liner, i never try out any pencil liner 
I been using Liquid liner since I know how to makeup till now, 
but... for this Pencil Liner from Majolica Marjorca! Is suprised me out! 
The pencil liner is so smooth, is so easy to apply OMGGG just love it so much ♥♥♥


Let try the waterproof ability between two of cream pencil liner! 
One is from Majolica Majorca, and another one is "K" brand of Pencil Liner :D  


No LIES! NO PS! For the honestly and truly Review, 
i still using the cotton swab the pencil liner 3 times! OMG 
Did you see that? How amazing of the Majolica Majorca Pencil Liner! The waterproof efficacy is so strong!  Is just smudge a little, but did you guys spot another brand of Cream pencil liner? Is all smudged out!
 So proved, I'd really recommend this Majolica Marjoca cream pencil liner to those girls who need/finding some very strong waterproof liner which not easy to smudged, and suitable to any water activities! HAHA :D 
And yeah, does brown color eyeliner suitable for me? Heh, it look so korean lol (embarrassing)

So here is my review for this 
Cream Pencil Liner from Majolica Majorca sponsored from Shiseido ♥ 

Product was sent to me for review consideration.
 This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way. 
All opinions expressed are solely my own 
and are not representative of the views of my sponsors. 
I cannot guarantee same or similar results with any products mentioned. 


  1. Nice review here! I honestly love Majolica Majorca Pencil Liner, it is my must-have 'weapon' to create Gyaru look heehee :)


  2. At least won't be easily "teared" away. Else it'll leave smudges.


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