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Oct 4, 2013

All about Food, Items, Life! ♥

Its been a long time didn't blog about my Recently Life, keep blogged about some beauty things recent almost forgot this Topic :< So now let get start it ♥ 

The first reason why I gained weight, is all about I HAVE A BOYFRIEND THAT LOVE TO EAT
and he like to force me eat too. lol~ Is hard to let me slimmed down to 49kg from 59kg, 

All about FOOD #foodporn
Both of Us are BBQ PLAZA lovers, must eat once in two weeks, lol 
mad love with Bacons ♥♥

Is the first time ever I cooked western food to my boyfriend, yeah he's the first who try my cooking skills lol 

Is it look delicious?? Mmm yummy :p Steak and Chicken drumsticks with BARBEQUE SAUCE

We are mad in Steamboat also! This is the Steamboat we been go there for N times! 
Cheap price, fresh food, service not bad! I just love it so much!
 Is good to steamboat while raining weather! Is so warm

The location is at: Leisuremall @ Shabu Garden

First time went to Ampang Point @ Korean Village to try authentic Korean Meal! 
I been research from some Bloggers, lot of bloggers recommend this restaurant which name called as 
Price are bit expensive, is expensive than normal korean restaurant in Shopping Mall, 
but the service and food are not bad thou. 

Jal Dae Ji Korean BBQ Restaurant
B-41, One Ampang Business Avenue,
Jalan Ampang Utama 2/2
Tel No: 03-2151 1360
Business Hours: 11.00am - 11.00pm (daily)

Actually i been looking for UNCLE JANG so long time, but i couldn't find the shop locate at Ampang point, 
Is too big there, and I just hate how GPS noob like, lol~ My sis told me UNCLE JANG is quite nice :( 

The day when go Pavilion with boyfie, i've bought some food material from Daiso Japan :D 
I always love bought some stuff in Daiso, some stuff there is really cheaper than outside market! 
I bought a Japanese Veg Curry, Miso soup, and Seaweed (put in miso soup) 

This is how look like when finished! The curry is nice! Ofcuz nice la, put so many carrot, potato & chicken inside (praising myself lol) 
The second is Homemade Fried Ice Cream! (Currently fav dessert lol, i just love cooking so much! Have so much fun inside :P)
The Thirth is Miso soup with seaweed and tofu! Much love

Went to Leisuremall @ Sushi King today, 
is last day of SUSHI BONANZA in KL & SELANGOR AREA! 
Every plates of sushi only RM3!!! Me and my boyfie both of us just ate 13 of plates and already surrender lol 

DRAMA I Watched ♥

a lot of people say The Stolen Years are nice 
but for me I love 分手合約 more, Is touched, and in this two movie the Female actress are same who called "白百合" I really can't don't admire how this actress acting, is so real and affection, is attract me
And ofcourse in this two movie, most attract me is still the two handsome Male Lead HAHA 
Anyway, you guys can watch this two movie in Qvod / PPS etc :) 

For the first thought, when i saw Chucky be changed like that ugly i was like WTF? 
Is it Chucky did surgery and failed? LOL But actually not, if you watched you will get know WHY :D 
At lasted, he will show back his original face, still my fav horrible drama Chucky <3 

Sponsored Items ♥ 

Sponsored item from Zenzendream.com 
Will be review it soon, especially for the 72 master makeup set, it included 
Eyeshadow, Lip Gloss & Blusher! ♥ 

Received a healthy drinks from a PR, is a drinks for Skins shines, is will cure Acne Problem
Just received this parcel today, and will review it after finish try this! :D 

The boyfie ♥ 

Like seriously, i have no idea why our photo can be so ugly like ET, lollll 
Is gonna half year with this jerk, still love you as always :x 


Shades from Ellui 

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