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Aug 5, 2016

Realash Eyelash Enhancer & Brow Conditioner Review

Remember my last post mentioned about I am going to try the new formulation and updated Eyelash Enhancer & Brow Conditioner from Realash? Well it's been a month since I received the goodies and try it! The results was pretty good, hence I can't wait to share with you and telling you how much I love Realash! Without further ado, let's get started! 

The packaging is so beautiful! 

Here's the new Realash packaging and product! 
To ensure complete safety, the formula has been enriched with natural flax and marigold extract. Additionally, horsetail extract purifies your skin, keeping it firm and toned. Calamus extract is anti-inflammatory. All these substances care for the delicate and sensitive skin around your eyes.

Recently, the new Realash is rebranded with a refreshing look and available across
the globe! Compared with the previous range, this new product has a new formula

that gives soothing and would not irritate the skin, and is suitable for people with sensitive skin. The improved formula also have stronger growing effect and protects weak and damaged eyelashes. 

Realash – Eyelash Enhancer – 3 m

Lash growth phase lasts approx. 30 days. It is too short a time for lashes to become
long and thick. REALASH advanced formula accelerates natural lash growth and strengthens them at the roots. As a result lashes become long, healthier-looking and conditioned. REALASH formula also prevents them from falling out.

The final results will be visible after 30 days, however, you will be able to see first positive changes within 14 days. Your lashes will be stronger, healthier-looking and nourished. After 21 days the results will be even more spectacular! A new you in more than 10 days!
Breakthrough eyelash enhancer
  • your lashes up to 83% longer and 79% fuller
  • effectiveness confirmed in tests
  • no side effects reported

REALASH is a serum dedicated to women who dream about long, strong and full eyelashes. It is especially recommended for lashes which are naturally short, weak or damaged by extensions, inappropriate cosmetics or false lashes.

REALASH formula has undergone rigorous clinical tests which confirmed that the active ingredients of the formula add length, density and help protect lashes from breakage and falling out.

BROW – Brow Conditioner – 4 ml

Brow conditioners have become a hit in beauty cosmetics. When well defined, full eyebrows are still in, BROW is the solution you need. Its advanced formula stimulates the natural growth of brows and improves their overall look. With BROW your eyebrows will become thick, strong and fuller. The final outcome will be beautifully defined brows. The product has been dermatologically tested.

You can see the results of the treatment sooner than you think. Positive changes can
be observed after only 4 weeks. The serum conditions and improves the overall look of brows. Please bear in mind that for best results the conditioner should be used
regularly for 8-12 weeks. Natural, beautiful eyebrows in such a short time? With BROW it is possible! The product is dedicated to brow care only.

If you have thin, weak and very light brows, BROW is exactly for you. We have created this conditioner for women wishing to have full and defined brows. BROW has undergone rigorous tests which have confirmed that the formula not only stimulates the growth and thickens brows but also improves their overall appearance. The product does not irritate skin.

Here is before using Realash Eyelash Enhancer and Brow Conditioner 
You can see my eyelash was thin, and easily to fall off especially when I remove my eye makeup :( Urgh. And my brows hair are quite less as well. Wish to have thicker brows.are you ready to see the results after I used Realash products for one month??? Tadaaaaaa!!! 
Here is the result after I used Realash Eyelash Enhancer & Brows Conditioner for months, I can feel and see my eyelashes is stronger than before at least not easily to fall off anymore, it is thicker than before! For the brows Condotioner, it's actually makes my brows hairs fuller! I so in loved with this two products! It is effectively! Suitable for all skin type even sensitive skin! 

Get yours now! 

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