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May 23, 2016

Physiogel® Calming Relief Face Care Range - 14 DAYS CHALLENGE PART 2

Hello sweeties, do you guys remember my last few post about the Physiogel Calming Relief Face Care Range Challenge? It's been a month I been using Physiogel Calming Relief Face Care Range, and I kinda love the results! Without further ado, lets get started! And, just in case if you guys haven't read about my first blog post about their information you can click this link to read to find out more. 

Physiogel Calming Relief Face Care Range comes with:- 
Physiogel Gentle Cream Cleanser - gently and effectively cleanse without disrupting the skin's lipid barrier. Rinse-free formulations that are specifically designed for dry, sensitive and redness-prone skin. Leaves skin feeling instantly soothed!  

 Physiogel Face Cream - For Dry, Sensitive, Redness-prone Skin 
It is light, fast absorbing daily moisturising cream that is specifically formulated for dry, sensitive and redness-prone skin. 

Hydrate: Immediate and long-lasting hydration 
Repair: Formulation contains Physiogek BioMimic Technology and is clinically proven to repair the skin's lipid barrier.

Physiogel Face Cream Rich - for very dry, sensitive and redness-prone skin 
Rich, nourishing daily moisturising cream that is specifically formulated for very dry skin, sensitive and redness-prone skin.

I only used Physiogel Gentle Cream Cleanser and Physiogel Face Cream. for the Physiogel Face Cream Rich I gave my mom to try, since she has very dry and redness prone skin! Let's me show you my before & after photos! 

Here the changes in one month! You can clearly noticed my face redness and acne has faded alot! Yet, Physiogel Face Cream that I used texture is so rich and smooth! I used alot different brand of moisturizer before, but a lot of them are quite sticky and makes my skin can't breath! It sticks with my hairs I dislike product like this! But when I used Physiogel Face Cream, the texture is rich and smooth like I just mentioned, it really gave my skin hydrating! My face didn't feel cakey when I put on makeup, most important the texture is not sticky at all! Besides, of this product really hydrated my skins, I also feel that this product reduce the redness of my skin! You can saw the difference in the picture above! Moreover, for the Physiogel Gentle Cream Cleanser, is just like normal cream makeup remover, but more hydrating and you doesn't need to wash off! But I did wash off after I used it to remove my face residue makeup tho. Just to double cleanse my face to make sure there's no any residue makeup on my face.  

So, here are my review on Physiogel Calming Relief Face Care Range, I really in love with these products! Strongly recommended for any dry, redness-prone and sensitive skin! It really moisture your skin immediately! Till then, see you in next post soon! 

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