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Dec 19, 2015

I survived from the Ultimate Spicy Craze!

Who don't eat spicy food in Malaysia? But if you know me well, I think you must know that I am not a spicy lover. I can't eat any spicy food, every time I eat spicy food I drink a lot of water. But honestly, it doesn't help lol. It will just make me feel spicier. Some of you might say milk can help. But I tried. Not either. LOL. So recently, I found out about a beverage that can finally cool my body!!!! Which is a product that newly launched from Mamee, Cool Tea. It is Herbal Tea made out of 8 different types of natural herbs as ingredient that known to help release body heat. It serves as a remedy to all spicy and heaty moments. I was invited to the Spicy Challenge at Chilli Rush @ Jaya One. 

Cool Tea is a newly launched beverage by Mamee. And it is your best companion for spicy food. WHY? It 8 different herbal extracts –liquorice root, lotus leaf, honeysuckle and chrysanthemum flower, selfheal, grosvenor momordica fruit, mulberry leaf and mesona chinensis!! Amazing right, not only your best companion for spicy food. In such a hot weather recently in Malaysia, is also a good companion for you and your family to drink to cool down your body in constant hot weather!

Let's get started with a Rush Shot before we get into the spicy challenge! TBH, 
this drink is insanely spicy, but it's okay because I got Mamee Cool Tea to cool me down! HAHAHA, is true man! I can't eat any spicy food but honestly after I drink Cool Tea, I really felt so much better. No more suffering lol.

 The spicy challenge dish which is secret recipe made by Chilli Rush. 

Bloggers started challenging the spicy chicken!! OMG, I was in first round, and I can't even take a second bite even if it is delicious. I admire those who can eat the whole chicken wings!!!! You guys are so awesome lol. The spicy levels are honestly unexplainable and you can't imagine how spicy it is unless you try yourself, duh. I drank one bottle of Cool tea to cool down the spiciness instantly, it is so spicy!!! NOT KIDDING :(

Here's are the last five bloggers who entered FINAL ROUND, which they have to challenge the highest level of spicy chicken. And they need to eat all of the chicken, omg.


All bloggers were almost in tears because of the spiciness, it was so horrible! After 5 minutes, no one can finish the whole chicken but I really admire their courage that they can tahan the spiciness! I'm so proud of you guys!

I am so glad that I survived from spicy food lol! Cool Tea not only your best companion for spicy food, it also your best companion to cool down your body heat! Is good for you and your beloved family! You can get it from 7-Eleven stores, Aeon, Tesco, The Store, Giant, Aeon Big, Econsave, KK Mart, Shell and Mydin. Now, let start your spicy challenge with the best companion Cool Tea!!! Don't forget to check out Cool Tea Facebook & Instagram! 

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